Return of the faction missions! Initial thoughts?



My thoughts about the “new” faction missions?
While extra content is always nice, I don’t understand why so many people have been asking for some of these particular missions to be brought back.
They were not very interesting or fun missions in TSW, and from what I have seen so far they have not become better in SWL.

In short, my initial reaction is a big “Meh.”


Personally I’m not a big “farmer” in the game and I take my time to play. Agents missions are for me a reward when you reached an elite level. The most interesting in this missions is an other side of the secret world and the increase rank faction.

I don’t aim the E10 level but make an agent mission for each elite level can deprive some people to an another part of SWL. Maybe a max elite level can be reach and you can acess at all missions but you need to finish each missions to unlock the others and, when you want increase your Elite level, you can retry missions at a level more harder. But force people to reach a certain elite level and make elite donjons, raids, scenario might encourage people who won’t play end game content, discover it and enjoy it, while initially, they thought the opposite


This would be a hilarious problem with open world content. E10 Bob is running around lighting cultists on fire for his dailies or because thats how he gets his jollies doing his quests at E10. Little Level 42 Timmy walks into the area and gets SLAUGHTERED by monsters why above his weight class.

If you start separating people by E-level version of the map, we’ll go back to the single player game memes, because its rare enough as it is to see other players on maps.

No. Scenarios will always take a fixed amount of time. I could run an E1 Scenario at E10 power and aside from a minor difference in boss fight duration, the waves 1 and 2 will still take the exact same time.


Just shy of 300. Cleared all the story content in the game through SA without issue.


I have done them on E7 (max lvl for me right now)

I run signet of thirst and nurture

Into Darkness was good, did not knwo this one at all or forgot it.
I did not made the archivo, but will try next time.

For the fight with the filth Boss.
Well all u need to not get hit at all is circle him.
He does some cone attack with long charge time, he is not following u while he does theat and strikes empty air if u are quick enough. So in this fight u dont get damage at all if u just circle him


as I remembered it with small adjustments

I kicked in sprint 6 and just runned trough the map. I used the envoirement to produce a train and the crates an boxes to get couver, thy reposition all time to getr a LOS to u and dont shot often, then u just run to the next hall and grab the next quest item use envoirement and keep running grab quest item and same for third hall, if u meet boss here they will not follow inside blue bubble. No fighting at all very quick.

I did not used the speed affix from weapon or charge or port skills, but I am sure it can be done this way too, you just need to take couver and let them reposition themself.

Rough Agent
sprint 6 runn past all encounter you dont need to fight the temp or lume
repeat till shambala win and done

HP for big mobs are too height and damage is too less
you cant realy lose a fight if u use nurture and not pull tons of mobs
they cant hurt u, even if you dont dodge the aoe

HP for normal mobs seem reasonable but they are also tossing wadding, no fear of death.

Fight with rockeatlauncher was fun and completely manageable, did not die once or had presure at all

nice to have them back
thx for the work


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They made sense in TSW. They weren’t tacked on like this.

Pre-launch of TSW there was a push for faction pride, etc., launch faction pride = Fusang and these missions.


It came up exactly once, and was, as I recall, qualified at the time as an old number. Hasn’t stopped people from banging on about it for a year.


No, people have not in fact been “banging in about it for a year”, given it came up with the SA release:

To be fair, that discussion did point in the direction of potentially more endgame content.

To also be fair, I’d wager practically everyone who wanted more endgame would have preferred manufactories to seeing what absolutely used to be “all players” solo content re-geared as highly gated elite solo content. These were the first and second of three faction missions in TSW, where VMC was a pre-Kaidan mission, too.


Ah, memory was faulty then–I was remembering it as something said in Discord early on, and I hadn’t been in there for six months.

That quote’s still pretty clear that the numbers are old. And still pretty clear that Funcom plans to release a variety of things, not 99% story content and 1% anything-past-100 IP.

I don’t have it handy, but I clearly recall Tilty saying that when the faction missions came back they ‘will be harrrrrd’. So it’s not like this should be a surprise to someone who keeps dev quotes on hand.


That 1% quote is very obviously qualified with this was the case when complaints about endgame repetition started trickling in, which makes sense that complaints about content would begin when people were beginning to run that content. I’m sure quite a few of us took our time through the story/levelling up first because between running most everything through multiple times during the beta, and having lost all that progress from TSW, motivation was probably pretty low for some of these players (mine certainly was)


There are players who actually only enjoy (or only have time for) the story-more and narrative side of the game. I don’t think that it is too odd to ask to put a story focused version of those missions to place in the continuity of the current story progression.

Though, you may be right and they are probably building the game as if their whole playerbase started at release and no new players are coming, so they can assume that anybody is 500+ by now because we “just have to play somewhat regularly”.


“Hard” is not the same as “insanely IP gated”. I’m pretty sure everyone can name one or two missions they felt were “hard” when they first came across them (vaguely) “at level”, and odds are some would even cite missions as early as Kingsmouth.

More importantly, how exactly is VCM hard? it isn’t. Absolutely not. What it is is an IP-gated, tediously boring drag with insane HP sponges.

I honestly don’t see how VCM in its current form serves any purpose. Purely story-focused players might never actually see it, while, and this is the real kicker, equal-tier scenarios are in every way (most notably time-reward-ratio and variety) the superior option for grinding glyph distillates. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even like them.

Even disregarding whether VCM should even be IP gated content and whether it makes sense in it’s new position in the timeline (post-Kaidan instead of pre-Venice), the implementation in SWL is simply bad.

The same would be true of Into Darkness if it were a “kill everything” Action mission rather than a “kill almost nothing” Sabotage mission. Lucky it isn’t, so it actually has some actual replay value because it’s not 2-3 times as long as a same-tier scenario.


I think E3 is fine. That’s roughly the kind of gear level you can expect a character to have at the end of South Africa without the aid of daily patron distillates if they don’t skip too many main or side quests.

I also think that all three of the faction missions should start at E3.


Is this a guess? Because it sounds like a guess. :v:

I’m definitely in the camp that everything in the game that has a story should be available in story mode. That’s kind of the point of story mode, after all.


It’s not a guess. I’ve played enough characters through the story with and without patron distillates to have a pretty good idea of the gear level you’ll be at without grinding dungeons, lairs and scenarios.

Starsmith’s comments seem to support my observations. But feel free to make your own!


My observation would be that you probably can’t apply your playstyle to the entire playerbase because I’m sure plenty of people play through the “main” story and skip lots of the non-essential stuff (especially if they find it difficult) and/or don’t use all of the mission rewards they receive to enhance their gear in an optimal fashion.

Granted, people who skipped stuff because they only really cared about the “main” plot probably won’t be too heartbroken to miss a few more missions but people who want to see all the story but aren’t even remotely concerned with gearing or building optimally still exist.


it is actually super hard to stay awake during the course of this exercise.


Pretty easy, boring and recycled content. That new SA mission… lol, seriously? Like 3 minute Sabotage missions, where you kill one dude. Ha!

All what these “new” missions did, was making me facepalm that we were forced out from TSW because of this kind of “advancing the game” crap.