Revisiting the cosmetic restrictions

I think its worth revisiting this topic as it once already was a few years back.

We need the cosmetic restrictions removed from armours (maybe in PvP as well so we don’t all look ugly as hell either? I highly doubt there will be any repercussions). Let’s be honest here, not all classes have good armour cosmetically and most classes are stuck with being unable to use the heavier, WAY COOLER, looking armours. There are many instances where an armour doesn’t look like its type either.

Another reason FOR this change:
Gives players a reason to visit old content, in many cases content that is a dead end, to get a cosmetic item/set they would originally not need. Restrictions being removed means that old content can be ran for the cosmetics you want. You want your barbarian to wear some cool plate that still looks like a more barbarian fitting set? Go for that! You want your Bear Shaman to look like a walking tank? Go farm that!
A simple reason to rerun old content otherwise you might not need.
Hell, you could finally make your character unique!

They made weapon cosmetics! They can make this as well!


If you remove restrictions on gear and make the need option available to all classes on all gear, then more people will compete for gear for vanity that some might actually need. This is not disirable in all cases. I get your point that esp. clothies don’t have the same variety as tanks have, while tanks tanks can need on all items (in dungeons), clothies, light/medium armor wearer can’t. For tanks though the actuall tank gear is way more important than dps/healer gear is for dps/healer. It would kind of break the need/greed system as it is now. New player would get more confused about what stats and gear is meant for their class.
The higher you get in raids the more pissed people will get who can really use the gear if random classes win items just for vanity. If people can need on stuff they WILL need on it if they actually need it or not, esp. in PUG raids, as we see with weapons and rings all the time. It might be an option to make raid gear buyable and wearable for the according raid token for vanity, not as a set, but as individual pieces. Perhaps with no stats, changed to pure social items.
Which armors look cooler or if you have the feeling you can not make your character unique is a question of personal preference. I for myself never had that feeling, the variety even for clothies is fine for me. Over all I do not share the opinion that there are many instances where armour does not look like its type, can you give examples of what you mean?

Just to make the point: The cosmetic weapons only work with the same type of weapon, so that does not really back up your argument.

I’m not sure why are you arguing about gear competition? I never said change what armour type you can wear, only remove restrictions. Those that actually need the gear still get it, and if no one actually NEEDS the gear, it’s a greed roll

There is always pushback to this idea which I have proposed numerous times only to have an army of people argue it down to death and then fc doesn’t chnge anything so good luck. People don’t like vanity in their minigames or border kingdoms pvp.

Edit NVM I see what you meant now. Yea it would be nice if more than tanks could wear anything

I always thought it would be, but I wouldn’t stop there.

I’ve always thought (back when there were more people playing and open world / accidental Pvp was more of a thing) that they should just turn off all character ID information so all the other guy saw was another character (no name, no level, nothing) and he’d have to decide to attack solely based on how the other guy looked.

If nothing else it would have thrown a monkey wrench into those that just cruised around looking for low level’s to attack since they knew there was no way they could lose.

I would be pissed if they did any changes to vanity items in pvp before addressing actual issues with pvp.

I think I do not understand what you mean. You want the “restrictions” removed, but don’t want to wear the armor? I don’t think this is what you mean? If not please explain what you mean by removing restrictions but not changing the armor type you can wear.
If the restrictions about what armor you can wear are removed, then this items will no longer show that you can not wear them (orange background). This results in you beeing able to need on those items, which will lead to gear competition. This is what I meant with breaking the need/greed system as it is now (not beeing able to need on gear you can not wear, regardless if you click need or greed).

Funcom is never going to fix PvP in this game. It would be nice to be able to use your vanity gear in PvP but it does make it harder to identify targets. whether or not that’s a good or bad thing I guess it depends on who you ask. That would be an easy fix. Just simply enable vanity in these zones. As far as allowing all classes to use any gear as vanity, I’m not sure what that would involve but it would be nice.

Exactly, they have been unable and unwilling to fix the skull bug in minigames so hoping for changes to the vanity system in pvp is delusional. But more importantly, we are talking about pvp which is something Funcom clearly doesn’t care about.

@Spreadicus understood what I meant, its nothing complicated. You can’t slot the equipment into your gear window, only in the vanity window.

i.e vanity slots would have no restrictions, you can put plate, heavy, medium etc. Gear window? Nothing changes. This would literally change nothing with gear competition. All you would have now is cosmetic competition, which in most cases would be greed roll either way.

Ok, so you want a totally new system for vanity. If I remember correctly there are only a few quest armors in the game which you can only slot as power armor, but afaik there are no items which you can not slot as power but only for vanity. So there might be some system in place that resembles what you mean, but I guess they would have to mess around with all power items to make somerhing like that work. I initially thought you meant just letting eg clothies wear (in power and vanity) other types of armor. This was done to let conqs wear plate.

All they have to do is change or add conditionals for vanity window only (ignoring weapons for obv reasons) and that should work. I have no idea how archaic Age of Conan is design wise so not sure how screwed up the code is for the system

It is pretty disappointing there’s very few ppl that actually want this :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, not many people frequent the forums. I’d be all in favor of this. Frankly, if I judge the potential challenge of a pvp fight based on what I think the opponent is wearing, I deserve to get whacked…

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Yes that is true. Many MMOs don’t have cosmetic restrictions in pvp and you rely on skill. If you get baited by someone wearing armour that looks low tier you deserve to get steam rolled


What I would be glad to see is a vanity variants of the armor pieces from factions, raid tiers, pvp tiers etc. sold for tokens of gilding just as a vanity armors are sold from the vendors in hub cities, without any requirement that are for normal armors, even if the price in tokens would be high enough.

That would be basically fair, as for me - you get just the vanity for tokens intended for vanity, for stats you have to get the armor the usual way.

Yes like they did with cache of the first and third raiders for t1/t3 armor! …I personally would like vanity boxes like these but for pvp t1 and pvp t3 made available because imho there some of the nicest sets in the game …DT/HoX pvp t3 look amazing

If they make a vanity cache for each of the faction armor tiers of khitai, I will 100% agree to those. Should probably require faction rep and stuff to buy and you just visit their merchant and baam.

If they do this, that’s enough for me

this isn’t a bad idea !

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