Vanity in Border Kingdoms

I know this isnt a top priority, but can you enable vanity armor in the Border Kingdoms since your going to have the pvp events out there. I look like a pile of garbage with what i’m actually wearing showing


I used to want vanity gear enabled in all zones but after seeing the class specific gear sets people wear that make them look like other classes, i’m of the mindset now to leave well enough alone. It’s bad enough in the open world zones and i’m ok with that but it’s gotten worse with the addition of class gear vanity sets.

poms that look like dts :wink:, necros that look like tos’s ,tanks that look like clothies etc. It gets crazy confusing. I get accused of naabing it up by attacking tanks when in my mind the guy i’m attacking looks like a hox in a robe and a 2h but in reality is a brute conq. Literally have to second guess myself now. and when it’s a huge amount of people it becomes a nightmare to differentiate.

Sorry bud gonna have to vote no on this.

Well normally I dare not vote contrary to general spreadicus, however, as a roleplayer I must endorse this post! It is entirely plausible that a pom masquerade in full plate. More importantly I must done the royal red of the stygian empire! Red robe Styggas for life!

Would be great if ALL of Empire of Stygia (regardless of class) could wear Red Robes! :smiley:

We had this discussion elsewhere in the forums a few months ago. It’s really easy to change, but the community is always split on whether or not it should be. I’m totally indifferent to it. :slight_smile:

Personally i think its fun as hell jumping someone and finding out they are a different class than expected. Why you only fighting the easy fight? Challenge yoself


Maybe enable vanity in pvp and remove class vanity restrictions