Poll Redo: Should Vanity gear be enabled in PVP instances? Vote here!

  • Yes! Vanity gear should be enabled everywhere!
  • No, I need to be able to see what classes i’m facing in pvp zones
  • I prefer an option in settings to enable or disable vanity gear in pvp

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To clarify since some people dont understand.

The first option is a vote to have the vanity system restored to its original state where vanity gear was enabled for use everywhere.

The 2nd option is to keep it as is in its current state where vanity gear does not function in pvp zones

the 3rd option was a suggestion however Funcom has stated they will not even consider this as the effort required to implement this would be astronomical. So please vote for one of the other two options, a yes or no vote. Thank you.

And please do not feel discouraged to vote, We want to know how the whole community feels. So tell your guildies to rock the vote!

Two of the options are basically the same, and the one against enabling is worded in a way to discourage voting on it.

No, option 1 is a vote to force it to be the way it was in the beginning when vanity was introduced. Option 2 is to have a setting added to enable or disable it based on personal preference. For example if you had it set to disabled, then on your screen you would see everyones real gear in pvp like it is now, If you had it enabled, you would see vanity gear instead.

the no vote is worded using the exact reason that has always been given by advocates for disabling vanity gear in the first place. I have heard no other argument coming from that direction other than “they need to see what classes they’re facing in pvp”

Personally having the choice to enable or disable would be fine but i prefer having it on in forced mode for those of us who want it.

if the 3rd option made you feel discouraged then ask yourself if it’s really a valid reason to keep it disabled or supply your own argument to support your views on the matter.

The wording of the third choice is misleading, you use the term “vanity gear” for two different things, if I understand your explanations correctly. Also, is it even technically possibel or just a suggestion?

I updated the original post with more information.

There’s almost no way that we’d add an option to toggle this on a per user basis. That’s quite a lot of work that doesn’t bring very much value to the game, whereas enabling and disabling vanity for these playfields is much, much easier.

I definitely discourage people from picking option 3, you’re basically throwing away your vote. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seems like “Yes” and “No” votes are almost the same, surprises me a bit to be honest^^
Since we had morph’s enabled in minigames a while now and if I remember corectly most pvp players didn’t like to see that neither :confused:

Well it was someones suggestion and it sounded like a good idea.

@beacor I have only heard from a handful of folks that they even cared about vanity gear. Funcom disabling it at all was a knee jerk reaction to the vocal minority back when it happened. Back when people still did competitive pvp in this game which as we all know, is non existent nowadays. So I dont see the harm in it. Let people have fun.

Well @Mussagana. Seems pretty cut-and-dry to me what do you think brother?

This idea will only cause confusion, especially to new players that learn the classes they are facing from the gear they wear. Silly change that only works in the opposite direction of making this game a competetive experience.

Can just see infront of me, everyone using those t1 vanity sets to look like another class.

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pretty much makes group pvp harder, imagine calling out targets when people are using vanity gear resembling tanks and what not.

maybe if pvp-rp servers were still a thing…
in minigames and mass PvP setting we need to be able to distinguish classes… this is not OW where each class is bound to their own vanityset, which is a totally different thing. its almost like letting tracer run around in zarya skin (bodytype included here, only excluding animations and weapons).

ruining PvP further into a more casual thing, which is not fitting aoc to me.

now if crom had more PvP zones than border kingdoms, I’d totally be open to have some of them open to rp stuff. but siege zone + minigames + festival zone? need to see what youre fighting


imagine calling out targets when people are using vanity gear resembling tanks and what not

Bro do you even pvp? Who calls out targets anymore. nobody. At best someone will say focus “that guy” and will name the individual. The number of people left who actually pvp is low enough that everyone pretty much knows everyone. Besides that, if you call random pug minis “organized pvp” i weep for the genre. Pvp is a casual thing like it or not and it isn’t by the fault of pvpers. It’s by fault of the casuals who demanded pug random minis in the first place. feel free to vote no if you really feel that way but as you can see you’re in the minority this time. shrug

@moriala in every other game out there on the market no other game forces vanity to be off. Again feel free to cast your vote for no.

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Every other game on the market? Not at all exagerating :stuck_out_tongue:

Like lurvi said, other games have characters that have so specific characteristics so u cant miss who it is even if they have other clothes. A game like age of conan where the way you see which class you are facing easiest by gear, this will just be confusing and striving backwards.

So im only allowed to vote, not discuss? :stuck_out_tongue:

whenever Im online with my usual pvp duo (or with more guildies) in voice we call out targets when we get the same team… and in festivals and other rare occasions like mixed premades and sieges.

I play it like this, maybe its in a minority (but from the votes it seems not that big of a minority)
You admit yourself in a ideal aoc there would be more organized play, which Im a strong advocate for. The problem for years was forced pug minis taking away the competitive drive. I dont see why they would strip it away even more with a possible PvP Saga coming aswell?
Do I PvP? I’ve PvPed on and off for soon to be 10 years.

The only shape of vanity I’ll accept in PvP is the class locked kind (like dota 2 and OW, but reuse old skins/recolor). Which is something they can do for a PvP saga in crates opposed to their heavy p2w approach

Every other game on the market? Not at all exagerating

Name one other game that does this disabling of vanity gear in pvp instances? Besides that your argument doesn’t hold much weight in my view. Plenty of games out there allow vanity and people do just fine. If you cant tell that the clothie wielding a polearm is really a guardian then you should go back to pvp school.

@lurvi Respectfully disagree , with all of it. And I think in all 10 years I have seen you pvp a few times at best. Aren’t you an rper who hangs out at the serpent head inn acting out fantasies? You’re a casual pvper let’s be honest here. If you need to rely on visual appearance to know what class a player is then you too need to go back to pvp school. I’m one of the most hardcore pvpers left in this game and I’m all for vanity in pvp zones. Not to mention most other hardcores like myself are all for it. Seems the casuals are the only ones who are really for this method of control.

Cast your vote. What else is there to discuss?

nice bait, ten out of ten mate.

Theres actually no big mmo that lets you wear other classes, class-specific gear as vanity in pvp (like the t1 vanity sets would allow in aoc), in wow you are allowed to wear other pieces of gear in your gear type.
But regardless, wow for example have implemented systems (for example) color-schemed healthbars that tells the class, to counter the confusion.

Pretty safe to say this change wont happen, the pretty much non-existant development budget should be used for something that matters.

@moriala Is that really the best argument you have ? It was a good effort but you failed to provide the name of one single mmo besides aoc that forces vanity off in pvp. As you said even wow allows it in pvp and just because they allow custom uis with color coded class bars is irrelevant. As a past wow pvper I can tell you these color coded bars didn’t make a lick of difference. again as I said there is no such game that forces off vanity in pvp except aoc… I challenge you to name one.

As to your other argument about “wasted resources” enabling vanity in PvP is as simple as flipping a switch, that requires no resources at all. The lead Dev even said this in this thread. It’s a very real possibility so don’t be surprised when it gets implemented the community has spoken. Cast your votes or forever hold your peace.

I voted yes because I don’t think it matters much at all anymore, having done plenty of pvp on Fury in zones where vanity was enabled. And let’s not talk about the morphs that have always worked everywhere and are still used frequently in minis and stuff. (and that’s how it will be on pvp saga for that matter)

Yea it could in theory make it a bit harder to identify classes for inexperienced players (for those with a minimum of experience it’s pretty damn easy with weapons/animations and even just names since we are such a tiny community) but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, it’s not like new players even have any idea what the different classes do…
I’ve faced this situation in WoW which I started playing recently - even class colours don’t make much of a difference when you don’t have any understanding of the other classes and their specs.

Would have been nice if the vanity system in AoC had some limitations from the start though, similar to what they do in WoW (you can’t have clothie vanity on a full plate class and vice versa). But that would be a waste of ressources for Funcom atm, and I’m sure there would be a lot of crying about it anyway.

(Also, I’m of the opinion that the “hide gear from other players” button shouldn’t exist at all. It’s almost as big a deal as vanity in pvp nowadays since the RF rings are so outrageously strong with gems in them.)

Judging by the poll, this is not worth tinkering with though. Better focus on stuff that really matters such as the vote kick in minis (and some way for new players to get starter pvp gear outside of the shop… OK, that’s 100% not gonna happen).

With regards to the hiding gear thing I agree which is why I have opted to unhide my gear. I believe in transparency. As far as resources being wasted don’t worry it’s the flick of a switch