Vanity option like in AoC

I would like the vanity option like in AoC, I would even like to be able to show me naked even if I have the best armor :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


There is a vanity camera (maybe default for F3 key or I just have it set to that)

But not even the helmet can be hidden as of now unfortunately. (not even in PVE)…

(edit: I have found information on AoC and I talked about a very different topic… but still wanna leave it here in case someone didn’t knew already about the vanity camera)

I add information to avoid confusion: what I mean is the option of being able to equip other different armor, one that is used to give you stats and another that is only for decoration


Oh yeah! This is actually one of the suggestions we’ve added here. Personally, I’d love to have a “hide helmet” option so my hair can be free. :smiley:

It’s under “immersion suggestions”.


Let me get this straight… So a guy who appears naked can run up to me with a drawn sword, but is actually wearing a full set of silent legion armor? What could go wrong?

Unless you’re talking about vanity appearance for the wearer only, I think this is a really bad idea.


With this system, immersion is broken because server population make no-sense choice, like having dafari armor in the snow. And it will make this game bader, i think, it’s a kind of feature what broke visual coherence because of player fantasy…

In the actual game player have coherence between where they lives and what they wear, and it’s good thing.

I do not think that’s true, the immersion is personal, the npc would not change, only the people who want to look like they want and create their own fantasy. I can use a level 1 armor that looks warm because I like it more and be on the ice or just be in the desert with the best armor completely naked, personally I do not think that affects anything :thinking:

How incoherent do I look with the first set at the door of my house? immersion is broken? :roll_eyes:


First and foremost, did you see how Conan dresses? you would be afraid of him? he is almost naked, even so he is the protagonist of the saga…
Do you see a person running naked towards you, what can go wrong? that person has a pump attached to his back. Do you believe that in real life the only person attacking you will be a soldier? or robocop? you never thought that a person dressed as a priest could attack you? you played age of conan? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

he can run up to you with a drawn sword, is almost naked… what could go wrong? :roll_eyes:

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If hidden helmets can’t happen for some reason, some more jewelry options would nice.


Please read and think first… then ask questions :smiley:

IN PVE or in SINGLE player mode what could happen if a player running up to you seemingly naked?
NUTHIN’ :smiley:

So shhhht… This is not for the PVP at all.
But for the 2.5 other modes this game has.

I would so love it if they’d add this. It would also solve the problem people are having with the DLC not being as strong as end game armors. Just put it in your vanity slot and problem solved!

Another thought is that players could turn off the feature. So on PvP servers if you turn it off in your option everyone shows up in their “real” gear. This would give people options even on PvP servers and options are always good.


^^^ YEp player settings if he/she wanna see Cosmetics or the real deal. Awesome.

Also just when I pushed reply I realized… I was talking a silly thing… On PVP everyone is in silent legion armor like 99% of the time. so absolutely not interesting what you see… :smiley: You know the enemy has silent legion and the best weapon of the kind his/her character handles.

But still these kind of a cosmetic options are mostly for PVE and single player (RP) purposes.

And I like your idea better. Make it client side decideable if you wanna see others in their cosmetics or real form.

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Is funny how immersion is treated here . People complains abou zamorian thief and lemurian begin gear for cold areas but the most common gear for those area are full of nude part( vanir). Dont tell me a pelt is hot when you are with half of your belly exposed, or your legs. Thing is immersion is better achived by an active effort made by players. Same applys to the light/medium/heavy applying hot resistance while having that amount of exposed parts could be as bad in the desert as is in the cold mountains.

Immersion concerns aside. I’d be in for a hide helmet option, or the vanity option only for PvE. I can see how a vanity option on PvP servers would have a detrimental effect on the game. Your opponent should be able to see what gear you have on to guide their decision to engage or to run. I think a fundamental component of PvP, particularly when you can lose everything when you die, is that players need to be able to make a risk/benefit analysis. A vanity option in PvP would utterly destroy that fundamental component.

I really don’t think it has to be a problem for PvP servers… to quote myself :rofl:

Just make it optional and it solves that problem all together. Currently players can choose the level of nudity they see client side. Why not vanity options as well. It’s essentially like turning a filter on or off and if a player would choose to use it then so be it.


@HoLibrae581, your suggestion, if viable, would certainly counter my point about making the risk/benefit decision to fight or flight. I’m not a coder, so don’t know how viable/feasible your suggestion truly is. I’ve just never seen a game, that I can recall, that allows players to view themselves in their vanity gear while other players see their real gear.

IIRC, in the case of LotRO in the Ettenmoors (the PvP zone for that game), the vanity option is disabled, so other players can actually see what gear you have on. I suspect it is for the same concern I raised here.

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At least those covered areas are from FUR… unlike zamorian… silk. :smiley:

Anyway Zamorians are dark skintoned ppl… have you seen many eskimos being dark skintoned ?
But you certainly seen a lot from the African contintent. Wonder why? :smiley:

Just can’t imagine a sunshield mechanism is needed in the frozen north.

Anyways armors being a bit skimpy is a good thing… after all this is a game not real life.

And therefore at least for PVE it would be a cool option if we could Chose which armor we wanna see.
There are a lot 99% of them sitting in a chest for no purpose. because either useless either give the “wrong” buffs…etc. we made them once to see how it looks on our character and hide it fast in favor for the exiles armors or the silent legion.

Dont tell me that dark skin comes from sun exposure. I’m brazilian, and i can tell you that all you can get from the sun is that tan or red tone if you’re too white. =p. Speaking of real life, take a look of what kind of clothes does people uses in the desert, your body needs to be fully covered. In a less punitive but hot ambient people still uses hats and arms covered or risk getting some burns. By the way your fur means nothing if the body gonna get cold from the full exposed gaps. Or try to get out in a punishing winter just covering your legs without covering the rest of your body and tell me if means anything if the few clothes you used was silk or fur =)

Anyway that is what I was trying to point out. It is a game and is meaningless that kind of complains. There is realism “flaws” everywhere and pursue it too much will strip out the fun.

And I still think it is not that relevant for pvp beyond armor types. All restrictions it may need( if needed at all) is armor keeping the appearance of same category. There is already a couple of variations that cant be noticed by visuals such as modifications types and tiers as crafting qualities.

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Imo it’s better as separate items like now BUT please be CONSISTENT with the base game equivalent. I don’t mind crafting item for cosmetic purpose with more mats but it has to at least be equal, NOT lower value.

The cosmetic purpose in the DLC wouldn’t be a problem if it was consistent in the first place. Being separate items adds more variety to the armor/weapon crafting, with different mats too.