Vanity option like in AoC

how old is LotRo, remember me ? :wink:

As much as I think this would be awesome, I wouldn’t want this in a PvP server… I want to know what I’m going up against, and at least I can get a good judgement by looking at their armor.

i think the option that Firespark81 provided in one of his vids is the best choice. remove all the stats off the armor and create another set of mods that can be added to the creation process of the armor that either enhances it for cold/hotweather and another that can be added as stats. this isnt to say that these additional enhancements to the armors remove the current system in place, just allow for a different set of adjustments to be added. you know, 1 of the current mods, 1 for weather and 1 for stats

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This is the video:


yeah this game desperately need vanity armor for decoration I would like to wear jewelry and customize my appearance. PvE player