Poll Redo: Should Vanity gear be enabled in PVP instances? Vote here!



Ofcourse the colorschemed bars make a diffrence, even the mainstream wow tournaments have it as the only way to see what class people are in their stream UI. Couple of days and u know all the colors by heart. So yes, other games put systems in place for countering the confusion. Another example is that u cant change vanity without going to the NPC. In conan you would be able to change vanity on the go, in minis, making it further more confusing.

You cant just point at other games and say “see it works there”. All games have diffrent circumstances so think abit further before believing u can just copy and get same outcome.

One of the biggest issues pvp has is keeping new players doing it, after being destroyed by skillgap/geargap. This change would like luis said ^ further complicate their experience.

And no, i hope and dont think this will happen, with no votes rapidly increasing, its almost 50/50%, an experiment that tinkers with something that already works shouldnt happen with 50/50 vote-ratio.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


just some more nuances/corrections to arguments thrown out here:

normal sprint animation does not vary from class to class, they vary only a little by weapons, and as you know many classes can wield the same weapons…

but even if thats the case, if a character is facing in a certain direction it might not be easy to spot. you should not have to be spotting classes by what weapon they are wielding, that´s ridiculous! (there are many other things you´d want to pay attention to)

yes, a lot of the times you can spot it by animations and particles (which a huge bulk of PvP players turn off to remove clutter), but half the time one only sprints around, hence my point.

as for morphs being enabled, it was usually only one player per minigame using them, so it was always easy to remember. it will be totally different with a more widespread use of vanity in minis. the morph also had no characteristic of another class, which will be possible with vanity the way it works now.

I do agree to a system with more limitations on it, but that would probably require more work. however on a PvP Saga they could use itemshop for different vanity PvP sets (unique for each class), from the looks of it people here want some new vanity in PvP, but a turn of the switch with all the current possibilities to resemble other classes has no space in PvP, casual or not.


At one point it was a lot more than one morph per mini (at least on Fury, that’s where I was active back then), nowadays yes, it’s quite rare.

But the same goes for ridiculous/fake vanity IMO. From my experience on Fury, hardly anyone ever abused it. The vast majority sticked with something that looked very reasonable for their class (it helps that pvp sets are generally very good looking in this game!). That’s why I don’t think it would be a big deal in minis or BKs. Like yeah, there’ll be a handful of trolls trying to abuse the system, and we’ll make fun of them, but mostly it won’t make a huge difference and vanity will be used to, for example, cover an ugly pve piece that you want to use with your pvp set or something.

And if we’re doing premades, we can just agree before the game starts to not abuse it. Just like we already do with shop pots and hox t6 rune etc. That’s the only “competitive” pvp that happens nowadays anyway (when it happens :p). Pug minis are a farce and there’s just too many things wrong with them for vanity to even matter, in my opinion.


you have to remember there has been added more and more vanity sets (that go against normal armor limitations) to the game since “back then”

I just disagree with the idea of: “pug minis are already so messed up, so who cares!?”

no need to make them even worse!


The class-specific t1 gear is not widely spread on fury. Or the t3 vanitysets from saga. So there wasnt the same posibilities for a 2h barb to run around in conq-gear or tos to run around with polearm + guard gear on fury.


I totally agree with Moriala and Lurvi.
Vanity items shouldnt be enabled in PvP in light of a fact that would cause a mess. Color schemes for actual pvp items would be a good idea, or class specific items, like new guardian specific vanity set or for assassin etc.


It was removed from mini games and border kingdoms when the system was new for a reason. The last thing needed is less on screen information. It got confusing and annoying enough when people were using those silly morphs all the time.


I voted no because I am new to pvp (“new” meaning I avoided it for years, trying it out once in a while, getting more interested now that there is not much left to do in pve for me). Easily seeing which class I am facing is a good thing for me. I do not care how my toon looks, I care about not dieing, killing people and learning what to do in general. Not making things harder for new people is a solid argument against it, in my opinion.

I have not seen many real arguments for it in this thread so long, to be honest, other that pvpers like to see their toon in their choosen vanity gear in every situation, too.



Guess u cant wait for this!


to all: All this discussion is getting nowhere and brigading the thread will just lead to escalation of arguments and result in the thread being locked. Most of you who just replied in the last 9 replies don’t even pvp…

As @biglous said, People have been pvping on Fury for years in world pvp zones that had vanity enabled and it didn’t cause any confusion or complaints. If you feel that you dont want it then cast your vote for no. Frankly we don’t want to hear the whys we just want to know if you think yes or no. Your arguments will not weigh into any decision made by funcom. you’re wasting your time and you’re just going to get the thread locked but the poll will remain open.

TL/DR. Nobody cares what your reasoning is. Either vote yes or no and move on. thank you.


On the first glance it might seem fun and harmfull, but on a closer look it has the negative aspects thats been lifted today, thats why its important to talk it trough. Threads have never been shut down by the reason that people actively talk in a civilized manner.


@moriala Like i said We don’t want to know the why just the choice. there isn’t anything else to discuss. Your only argument is you cant pvp without it. And you have yet to provide me with the name of any game that forces vanity off in pvp. Mostly because no game exists that does besides aoc. And as far as wow goes, those collor coded bars you’re so fond of iirc are not part of the standard game i:e they’re part of custom uis and mods from 3rd parties.

So let’s agree to disagree and carry on with the polling. Seems to be a close race but the yes votes still have the lead. i imagine this poll will go on for some time however so i wouldn’t worry too much for now.

Mod edit: Please don’t discuss moderation, and watch your tone.


Haha, take a chillpill m8, you are making it sound like theres a competition… I think we all want the best for the game, so better to discuss and have some backbone to the matter rather then just making quick polls.

Aoc is diffrent to other mmos, thats why i play it. Thus its not relevant to me comparing aoc with other games. The vanity was already enabled in pvp zones on crom. It quickly got disabled cos it didnt work out well, and the community were loudly against it in countless forumposts. I dont see why it would be tested again when theres not a clear majority advocating it.

I would say the opposite, im advocating for it staying like this, so untill a change has been made, its not going anywhere for the foreseeable future ^^


@jeetz Can you please stop telling people not to exchange arguments? It is in fact more interesting to hear why people are for or against it, rather than to just see a poll. If it is not interesting for you, just do not read it.

How other games deal with it is not an argument for or against it. That some veteran pvpers know each others names and can tell which class they face by watching animations might be true, but it fails to be an argument for enableing vanity, because there are many other people who are not those veterans. If you pvp or not does not give or take your right to have an opinion about it. The only argument you can see in this thread is “Because I want it.”, which is not an argument, but an opinion. But it is a fact that it would take away a source of information about your opponents, which adds up to the things new people need to learn. As pvp is not exactly healthy in AoC we should keep the entrance level as low as possible for new people.
So you have to weight if it is more important to you that especially new, but in fact all, pvpers can keep easily telling classes apart, or if the pvpers who like vanity gear can display it in very zone, if they want to.
For me it takes something away (information) from all people who are already in a disatvantage (new to pvp / not very good in pvp / not that fast in seeing and processing), while it gives something to some people (vanity in minis and 3 more zones).


Premised that looking at certain vanity around, sometimes, I wish the vanity were disabled in PvE or I would like to take my own eyes from their sockets. I think, as many have said, vanity in PvP only creates confusion and is harmful. AoC has no limits about vanity, respect other games around, and a ToS that looks like a T1/3 guardian creates only confusion. The only weapon does not allow to identify a class at a glance. 2HB will be a bs, a barbarian, a conqueror? For me already the morphs create a lot of confusion and kill the lore and the realism of the game. I would also remove the morphs.


Really? I personally have to say that the vanity system was one of the best additions to the game… I really hated the days of clone army raids where pretty much everyone had the same armor sets…


The heat is making your brain boil, my friend! :crazy_face:

It’s true that some people has horrible tastes and mixes the armors in stupid ways, but why don’t you think also about the occasions where you see some very good combinations, which wouldn’t be possible without vanity? :sunglasses:

Back to topic, I think it would be nice to have the vanity enabled in pvp areas. The castbars and the buffs should be more than enough to understand what you’re facing, without having to rely on the appearance. :wink:


if you split a joke you ruin it. Was only joking about bad tastes of any around as @Yawgmoth, no vanity for him would better :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
About Pvp i really think vanity could create mess and confusion


So spoke the tanned barbarian… :rofl:

That’s just because you’re a noob, and when you see someone casting Lance of Mitra, you start to wonder “Hmm… would it be a ToS or a Demo…” :laughing:


Coloured bars tell you what class it is, but not the spec and whether you should focus or ignore it and whatnot. And even after months of WoW it’s very easy to get confused when different classes use a different shade of the same colour (DK, paladin, shaman/mage etc, especially with the distance that fades them). So it of course helps, but knowledge of the game and experience are just way more important. Class is only one thing, for example tanks and healers in AoC are also dps monsters while fulfilling their “archetype” role. While focusing tanks is often a bad idea, that’s not always the case in pugs where a competent one can easily be the biggest threat on the other team by very far.

For years in AoC I have relied mostly on names (but particles and animations/cast bars are a big deal too) to tell who is what because it’s such a small community anyway. Morphs bothered me because they were ugly and out of place more than anything else (same can be said about vanity sometimes). But that’s just me.

Of course, vanity would hurt new players and those who rarely pvp. There is no disputing that. But then AoC is an old game of mostly veterans… So there’s that too. And vanity is “fun”.

But again, this is clearly NOT worth messing with. The poll is basically a tie. So while leaving things as is won’t hurt anyone at all, changing it will undeniably do some harm. It would have to be a very large majority in favour to be worth tinkering with.