Rewards for top 10s on the leaderboard

On Nov 29th, the Saga of Blood news item ‘What’s next for Saga of Blood’ contained the following reward offer :

Leaderboard Top 10 Reward

If you’re in a top 10 spot on the leaderboards after the Saga of Blood ends, you’re getting another special cloak! The Shawl of Selkhet (“II”, as seen in the above competition) is yours based on overall standings across all categories tracked on the leaderboard (excluding total Guild PvP Kills).

This cloak will be awarded after Saga of Blood ends , and will be sent as a claimable item to any one of your characters once the server closes and your character is merged to the existing servers.

Now that the Saga of Blood has ended, when will we see these rewards? All categories tracked on the leaderboard (excluding the one for Guild PVP kills) means a lot of characters are supposed to get a Cloak of Selkhet II. Top 10 drunks, top ten minigames, top ten K/D, top ten Achievements… etc.
And it says that it will be a claimable item to any one of your characters. So is that account wide? One time claim, or infinite? Looking forward to getting another cloak, Selkhet 1 is nice, but S2 probably looks even cooler. :slight_smile:

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I was told to direct my question to the community and event directors. Has anybody like that read this post? I’ve tried but, I can’t figure out how to send a PM to Andy or Nicole.

Just @AndyB

Thanks, @Massochist!

I figured out the problem. I was too new to the Forum, and didn’t have PM permissions yet.
All good now. I hope to get a reply from Andy about the cloak soon. :slight_smile:

DM received. Will check in Monday to make sure that’s all in order. Thanks, and sorry for the confusion! I know there’s some loose ends from the Saga of Blood events that may still need to be resolved (for example, the boxes had issues if you didn’t claim your rewards before the next set of rewards were delivered…) so I’ll get on that ASAP. :adnyplz:


So far, still no /claim -able Cloak of Selkhet II; and nothing in the funcom store rewards tab. I’ll check in again on Monday…

10 people? these are all people who still play the game. :rofl:

I’ll start distributing all the cloaks today. Been a busy week, sorry!

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Cloaks should be distributed now for all accounts that made it into the top 10 of each Overall Leaderboard category, excluding alcohol consumed and Guild PvP kills. Please check your claims for your reward. If you believe you should have gotten a cloak and have not found it in your /claims, please message me.

Sadly, nothing in /claim yet… :frowning: PM sent.

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I would like to know if we are getting the Shawl of Selkhet 2. Please don’t flag this post too.

Hello. I also have no cloak in my claims. I landed in 4th or 5th on the kills/deaths category.

OK FOR REALS it should be in your claims. I’m sorry for the trouble.

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Yes yes yeeesssss! Thanks, @AndyB it’s there now! And it is soo cool that it’s an infinite claim account-wide!! :smiley: Very cool indeed.

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