Rhino/Reptilian monstrosity sound mix up?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: everywhere

I always was confused why the normal rinoceros does T rex sounds. I put it off as a design choice but then I encountered the reptilian monstrocities in the djungle (the creatures that kinda resemble rhinos but have kinda a crocodiles head and a huge horn).

Could it be that there is a mix up in the sound files because Im pretty sure that rhinos dont sound like that but it fits to these reptilian monsters.

Also I know the team is focussing on bug fixes right now but it would be nice for the future if the reptilian monstrocities would get some own animations. Right now they use exactly the same as the rhinos and it comes off kinda cheap, like some kinda beta game enemie that is just a reskin of an existing one to get some early development variety but is gonna be switched out later. An animation where they open their huge mouths and roar at the player would be enough. Make them use that T rex mouth and roar to scare the players :slight_smile:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find a rhino
  2. Fight it

Hello @Stumack, thank you for reaching out!

We’ll send note to the devs in regards to the current rhino sound effects, and will also register your feedback for their consideration.


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