Riddick's "Eyeshine" for Argossean Dream Dust?

Im just suggesting it would be cool if player’s eyes shine/glow in the dark like the greater animals when using the Argossean Dream Dust. Kind of like Riddick’s “Eyeshine”.

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It probably would look cool visually, but wouldn’t make sense. The Dream Dust is a drug, not magic.

If they added a night vision spell, then yeah, eye shine would fit.

Unless you’re looking at another player, you probably wouldn’t even see it all that well though. The night vision dream dust is a bit wonky and as the sun starts to come up, it gets pretty bright. A cool idea, but I can’t see it being very practical outside of being on the sidelines and watching others. That being said, I imagine pvp players wouldn’t be happy about having bright lights on their eyes as they creep around in the darkness.

Does it still give corruption?

That’s a drug that borders on dark sorcery right there. The kind of drug they warned kids about in school programmes in the 80s.

What about the Jhebbal Sag night vision potion?
That should give the character cat like reflective eyes.

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Riddick rules! I would love to see this actor in a new Conan movie!

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