Rideable horses

Conan did have Horses they rode on long journeys is the game ever going to get ridable horses?

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if that’s not a joke, here you can look: treasures-of-turan-pack
I think you meant something like that …

hello too,
i found this: We need mount in game - and you can find many
more topics about it, if you use the search option in the forum
here :wink:

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There is a camel in the game, that’s about as close as you’ll get.

Yeah. The issue is that the game can’t load the terrain fast enough so you can’t move any faster than you can run really. That’s the reason why they’re not implementing mounts.

also… have you seen the terrain in the exiled lands? your horse would be of very little utility when you encounter ravines… cliffs… mountains…

No actually they have specifically said that so much is tied into the player controller of the character than they can’t make it possible. Which I can’t fathom what would be tied so much to that player controller that you wouldn’t be able to “possess” a mount in UE4 then “unposess” it and repossess the character. But then again I haven’t dug deep into the devkit.

My friend if you want horses simply equip your thrall with two coconut shells he can clap together. You will have have finest steed in the Exiled Lands. :wink:

Sorry I couldnt help myself…





Don’t forget OP :slight_smile:
You will be unhittbale while on them, mule kick thralls for instant knock out, and trample enemies for 1 shot killls :slight_smile:

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Hahahah! :laughing: Necro that is a classic. Well done. :metal: Are they yours or an image you came across on the interweb…!? By the gods I want a set now.

Interwebs my friend…I would crap myself if I ever see these to purchase in my country! I would buy all of them and gift them to the few “enlightened ones” that know the meaning of Monty Python!

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Yeah I know what you mean. I had no idea that such a product even existed, but by god theyre cool. I could see myself having a lot of fun with them at a medieval fair.

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