Riders and Slavemaster feat tree (plus chariots)

Hi, i know it will be added the possibility to ride and fight on horseback.
This is my idea about implementing this and some other features together.

Feats, added inside thrall taker feats tree:
-Unlocking Apprentice Tamer allow to ride horses (if added) and mounts.
-Apprentice Chariot maker (req lvl 20 and Apprentice Tamer): allow to craft light chariots. (see below)
-Chariot Maker (req Apprentice chariot maker and Tamer lvl 30): allow to craft chariots (see below)
-Master chariot maker (req Chariot maker and Master Tamer lvl 45): allow to craft heavy chariots and palanquines (see below).

Light charior: 2 people can go in, one rider and one passenger. Fast but few hp and can have only “Thin armor plating”.
Chariot: 2 people, one rider and one passenger. Medium speed and hp but has armor (equivalent to medium armor) and can have “Armor plating”
Heavy chariot: 3 people can go in, one rider and 2 passengers. Slow but knock down enemies hit (footmen only) high hp pool and can be pulled by a rhino, bear or rocknose. Can have “Heavy armor plating”.
Palanquine can be made in two shapes: rhino or elephant. First is a 1x1 square base with triangular on long side (on face placed triangular base) has rider seat. Elephant is a 2x1 square base with triangular adds (2 on sides and one on front and back) as well as rhino palanquine has rider seat on front.

Gameplay uses of chariots and palanquines: they are considered as counter for riders and a help to fight large monsters, like small moving platforms. Their large size and difficulty on maneuver will allow footed enemies to have advantage against them.

Slavemaster: feat that requires level 35 and “Wheel of pain” to be unlocked allow to have an extra thrall to follow you if the second is an archer or a bearers)
Expert slavemaster: requires level 55, “greater wheel of pain” and Slavemaster . increases by one the number of thralls who can follow player, using the same limits as “Slavemaster” (i.e. 2 fighters and one archer/bearer)

*on server thralls will not enter in dungeons nor inside other players claimed territories, this is meant to help players solo farming and/or killing players farming far from their base but in order to not be a wave of thralls raiding your base or doing EvE against bosses thralls will neither attack bosses on server.

Actually i’m not sure if adding “Slavemaster” after “Thrall taker”, this means something like lvl 15 as minimum requirement or adding after “Wheel of pain” as i did.
I decided for the second option in order to lock option to have 2 thralls later but i’m not sure about it.

I genuinely love the idea of being able to create chariots, although as an offline player I’d be much more interested in wagons for carrying loot and building materials across map. I love building out my base and being able to move high volumes of stuff generally would help me keep my bases alive and bustling :grin:

Getting chariots (or any other wheeled contraptions) to behave in an even semi-believable fashion is much more difficult than “just” mounts, itself no mean feat, so I don’t think this one is very likely. That’s before tackling the whole multi-passenger thing.

With that out of the way, it does sound cool.

@Mikey Chariots are 4000 years old… they are pretty realistic in semi ancient world. Wheel exists and mounts are even older.
I think real problem wouldn’t be realistic but programming and not having these locked in the first rock nodes they collide to.
Egyptian war chariots (XII cent. B.C.) where meant to be used with a passenger who used bow.
Maybe scythed chariots are a bit less old but still used by babylonese armies.

@Crix i’ve actually never considered wagon but are still a thing that could be added in the second and third feats.

I meant difficult/not viable from a technical point of view… I am well aware of the chariots place in history, and like I said, I do think it sounds cool.

Usually feat trees are for buildings and crafting stuff, it doesn’t unlock abilities.
I would see these a SURVIVAL stat perks.

Survival - Lv.10: Raw and Bloody
Survival - Lv.20: Can have 2 thralls follow you
Survival - Lv.30: Can have 3 thralls follow you
Survival - Lv.40: Antidote of the One
Survival - Lv.50: Bronze Physique

@RichardDelta93 Technically these are not abilities but originally i thought about something like a staff or an armor upgrade who allow you to set to “follow” more thralls but this would be strange, but still roleplay: if you have upgrades to have more thralls your equipment will be less performing than other players’ equipment with proper fighting oriented upgrades. This is still an option.
I also set the possibility to have extra thrall if they are bearers or archers in order to see two players coming and storm you with 12 bodies around you not allowing any kind of escape.

@Mikey Sorry i didn’t get well what you said, i’m not english natural language so…Anyway it would be good as “rock/paper/scissor” game, with chariots good against cavalry, cavalry against infantry and infantry against chariots. As for gameplay, as used in ancient world they are meant to carry a pikeman or an archer as passenger and do hit and run attacks

I think he means from a dev perspective. Adding chariots into the game would be very difficult and time consuming (correct me if I’m wrong) when time is limited and prioritized towards other things that were decided months ago (probably)

Perhaps the chariot will fall through the world… or start floating like the gazelles near noob river.

Maybe they can do this when mounts are adequately patched in and they can work on a horse skin that looks like a chariot… but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Cool idea though.

@Candle i sadly agree it would be a very nasty problem as a programmer. I thought about it because of rock/paper/scissor mechanics and because it could make a use of normally useless creatures like gazelles or other “resource farming” creatures.

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