Right as I quit ARK, CE turns into ARK without the flying

A foundation block is 256 cm tall. I can’t find the discussion thread in my files, but I’m sure that’s the magic number for width too. So ~2.5 meters would be your reference point. @Cattibria had some good figures a while ago.

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Well i did also start a suggestions topic to talk about the thrall feeding system which i put up yesterday.

Foundations are 256X256X256 centimeters. Walls are 256cms high, 256cms wide and 32cms thick.

Got this from the devs a while back. Did some quick math, that 50 meter radius translates to about 19.5 foundations.


Wiki and Moderator in one. I am convinced they modeled the LCARS after you.
On a more related topic:

How many tiles is a 50 meter radius diagonally across tiles?

(I don’t even wanna get started with wedges…)

That is the square foundations… Not sure how I will place the pots in my base due to the layout. So if that is a 50 meter radius, that is a 39 foundation circle, so we will need some over lap to get full coverage with a large base. With a huge base like mine, overlap is a must.

8x8 rooms (maximum distance that can support a full roof) arranged as a square 16x16 cubicle base, 6 tiles high (2 floors with a roof) and one feeding box and pot right in the center of the base should cover everything.

the pot is the size of a foundation… it takes up a lot of space.

That big? i have always had the feeling that my character height (which is the smallest possible in the character creation BTW) was about as tall / long as the foundations size, and maybe even longer than a foundation’s wide. I guess it was about time i reconsidered that feeling then. So thanks for pointing that out Cattibria / Barnes. I will nontheless have a closer look at it next time i get back to my game , just in order to make it 100% clear in my mind.


Assuming my character is about 1.60 or 1.70 Meter high, the numbers Cattibria has provided seem pretty accurate. Now i realize how often i was misleading my teamates on the map :worried: . So now, thanks to this info it’s finally clear in my mind and i will be able to describe things more accurately in the future.

Good for one of the central corner intersections. Thrall pot on the first floor, and feeding box on the roof (that’s where I plan to build all my animal pens, with my planters)

All the more reason I hope they implement the radial range indicator. Precision, precision :smiley:

I’m all for thrall feeding atm but the difference is that the most important thing (to me) in comparison to ARK is missing. In Conan you just catch and break thralls. The entire topic would be different if you could actually train and level up thralls.

The thrall system in general to me is the thing that could make CE much more interesting. I think of training/leveling them and stuff like that. After thousands of hours of collecting hundreds of thralls that go into a vault it’s getting old. That is the PVE reason.

As a PVP player I’m for thrall feeding because it’s a pain in the a** to fight close to a bigger base and see your FPS going down. It’s pretty much a forced raid and PVP protection. PC setup and internet speed doesn’t matter much. The servers or the game’s engine or code can’t handle it obviously. So I see this as intentionol or unintentional fix. :wink:

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Oh man… renaming thralls and leveling them up. Hell yeah :slight_smile: I’d dig that. That’d actually be an icnentive to take one out hunting and develop an akward attachment to pixels, like on ARK.

Allocate different stats and builds to a thrall.

I’d name this chick “Jasmin” and level her up to Godhood.

Then I’d marry her…and… take her to the wheel whenever she misbehaves. cough

…F…Fish require insects as bait now…


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Aren’t insects the easiest thing to get?

If even the fish need feeding, i’m quitting the game.
I’m serious.

This is too much…

This is gonna make Fallout 76 look like a paradise free of commitment.


You realise that it would make sense for bait to be used as to lure fish into the trap as why would the go in there without something that attracts the fishes attention.

Same reason you can put 50 thralls in a little box, mate.


Wait we have to bait fish traps now? Who at Funcom thinks making this game more grindy is a good thing?


Let’s make everything in this game take, at a minimum, 20 steps to accomplish/craft/produce. More grinding requirements will jumpstart the excitement level in this game, entice back all the lost players, and prod us all to invest in future DLCs with even more grinding requirements!



Wait, are you serious!?

If so, that actually makes no sense. Based on the type of fish traps, you really don’t need any bait as the fish will swim into and become trapped. Bait may increase the efficacy of the trap, but is no means required. I am 100% against this change. I would see bait as something only needed for active fishing with a fishing pole…

Shellfish traps on the other hand may be more realistic if it needed putrid meat as bait. I recall doing some crabbing in Alaska as part of a fishing trip, and the crab traps needed bits and pieces of cut up fish to attract the crabs… but I still would not be in favor of such an addition to CE.


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