RK Map (Minimap Zoom, here is how)

Hey, i just came back to the game, had a “little” break, last i played was 2011, and since then the screen resolution have gone up some, and even back then the RK Map / Minimap were bad, when you Blitz missions, or just do normal missions, you barely could see anything it was way to small, and you have NO in-game options to zoom in, so you actually can see some thing.

So now i’m back, and its still the same, so i took on me to find out how i could do this, so i actually could see what were happening.

As you can see in the image, its in the top Left corner, quit small, and you cant see much :frowning:

Here you can see how it looks when i “fixed” my problem i had with it, i can actually see what way im facing.

Now how did i do this, well as you may have noticed, i still have the original FP Map, but i placed it way out of sight, what i did was i found me a Screen Magnifier program for Windows, called Magnifixer (link below), i then placed the FP Map up and away, In the program:

Enabled the Following: Stay on Top, Smoother Display, Fixed Location, Magnify x 2
Disabled the following: Draw Grid, Show Panel

Then you need to find a place where you want the FP Map, you can have it any where, click on Magnifixer (important not AO), and use the shortkey CTRL + F, and you will see the screen freezes where the mouse curser is in Magnifixer, move your mouse up to the FP Map (you may need to resize the Magnifixer to fit the FP Map, if it is square, try to make the Magnifixer square also. Just keep using CTRL + F til you are satisfied with the location.

Magnifixer it self, are now always on top, but you can move it around bu left click and drag with the mouse.

Just quick showing, how to set it up, and how it actually looks when you play:


I know this is not perfect, but no modifying of game file or anything is needed, all it does is magnifying what already is there, for us old people :slight_smile:

I have no affiliation with the creator of Magnifixer or any one else, just thought it was a cool little program that got the job done for me.

Hope it helps some of you, that also have this problem, have fun :slight_smile:

This is a wonderful improvement!! I have been struggling with the small PF Map since I returned a few months ago and this fixes all my problems.

Thank you for the fix!