Strange UI larger minimap, 30% larger minimap 1080p

Make a copy of your existing files first just in case you don’t like the size, minimap will be about 33% larger.

This is for 1080p display, you will probably have to move things around if you use a different display size.

Minimapview.xml goes in the AoC/Data/GUI/Customized/views/MapGUI/ folder, replace existing

Minimap_frameright.png and mail.png goes in AoC/Data/Customized/GFX/Map/ folder, replace existing

If you use a different map frame.png file just use an online .png resize tool to increase the size of the minimap_frame from 174 pixels to 229 pixels.

The other mail.png file resize from 26 to 30 pixels website works great and super easy, you can either use as a chrome plugin or just through their site. 100% free, no advertisements, no crap.

No guarantee you won’t need to move any of the other map things like the hide icon or map click icon if you use other minimap frames.

You will need to restart the client for the larger .png file to take effect, cannot just /reloadui.

I haven’t made any changes to the quest overflow icon since I don’t have a way to make it show up, it will be out of place. You can edit the position if you want.

Position editing is easy, in the Minimapview.xml file it’s the “Rect(0,0,0,0)” stuff, the layout is “Rect(horizontal, vertical, ignore, ignore)”

I highlighted in the image the ones you might need to edit:

RegionMapRendered is the main minimap window map

BitmapView is the frame around the minimap

Button Menubutton is the little carot in the right side with the menu to turn on/off quest indicators

ReguionMapButton is the word “MAP” that pops up near the hide indicator when you have your mouse over the map

Button PendingQuestRewards I didn’t change because I can’t make it show up, this WILL need to be moved if you use it, it’s probably right in the middle of the minimap

BitmapView NewMailButton is obviously the mail indicator

ConcealGemGem and ConcealGemGlow are the hide indicator and should always be the same number for each

Changing the number inside the parenthesis nudges the stuff around and it’s measured in pixels. You can edit the .xml, save, and use the /reloadui function in game for fast editing.

Here is the .ZIP file on my google drive.

Huge thank you to whoever made Strange UI, it’s fantastic! However I need a larger minimap :slight_smile:

If you do screw up something, or just don’t like it, here is a .ZIP of the original unedited files. Just follow the directions in the first post to put them back into their original file locations.