My GF can't see the whole map O_o

So I just found out the sides are cut off on my GF’s map. We use the Conan Coords Mod. The column with the letters, column 1, and half of two is cut off. I would say about the same amount is cut off of the other side too. She can see the numbers at the top and bottom though, so that’s ok.

Her max screen resolution is 1280x1024. We’ve tried that in game on full screen, windowed mode, smaller resolution windowed mode… nothing shows the whole map. (yes we zoomed all the way out and drug the map over.)

Sounds like you should be messaging the mod author about this. Does the map without the mod work okay?

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Wait, what? Are you sure about that? That sounds like a VERY odd aspect ratio. But if true, that’s probably the cause (I’ve never heard of a monitor running that resolution).

In any case, @Multigun is right - check without the mod first, if it’s still broken then ask again, otherwise contact the mod author.

Sorry I’ve not checked back. Yeah she can’t see the whole map no matter what.

Edit: So I checked her settings. It’s been ages since I had to use a 4:3 monitor, but you are right it did sound odd. I changed it to 1280x960, but the odd setting is listed as recommended.
I changed it to the same in game and the sides are still cut off. I’m guessing it’s because Conan doesn’t like standard monitors? lol

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Me thinks somebody needs to buy their girlfriend a new monitor, stat.

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