Rollback function

Please add a rollback function for dedicated servers, i am not trying to be funny or anything, but if there is a system in place to declare a version as stable, the owners of private servers could just roll back to last stable version next time a a patch gets released that locks out 90% of the entire userbase. it is one thing to have a patch that for example breaks an animation in a specific situation, patch that in the following days, but a complete lockout of users? i would be fired for such a thing…

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I’m no IT guy, but i wonder if each server would need to have its own backup, and if the answer is ‘‘yes’’, thats the reason whe don’t have rollbacks on servers.

each server already has backup of the database, my backups go back 7 days, however that is only database backup. seeing as how updates are forced through the actual game cannot rollback in the current setup. just like steam does not allow us to actually stop an update, if you go to steams update settings you will find you can choose to automatic and at booting, but no option to not update


Thats very interesting, thanks for the info

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