Rollback on official server #1200

So we had some hackers on server 1200 who wrecked a couple of big clans on friday evening with hacks. Hackers were gone by saturday. We played all weekend, rebuilt, farmed, raided, toiled… new people came to the server and things started looking okay again… until monday evening, about 3 days later Funcom rolls back the server to some 3-4 days back. Many days of progress lost, everyone complaining on global they lost everything cause they started playing 4 days ago. Undermesh base of toxic cheaters back alive again. We played like crazy all weekend to mend the server and build up and prepare and now I log on to a historical version of our base with no clue where everything even is anymore and all that we achieved in these past days lost. Without warning. Rollbacks weren’t supposed to happen in this game, but when it’s totally uncalled for you do it and kill of the last remaining playerbase on our already dying server with this trick you pulled. Thank you for a wasted weekend on behalf of server 1200. I understand 1 day roll back in emergencies, but this half a week rollback is just a major “screw you” from your company and completely killed my will to play this game.


There’s a good chance they had to roll the servers back to remove the code that the hackers put into the game files. Had they not rolled them back even after a hotfix to keep the issue from happening again the hackers would still have there gateway into the servers to do whatever they wish.


Well at least you still have something. They completely wiped my server.
Talk about not wanting to play anymore.
We were hit by the hackers…lost a lot. A few bases were spared. Now EVERYTHING is gone. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water.
They should have left it alone.

Will say more some people put so much effort to rebuild and new people already achieved a lot but now all of it is gone even worser than the cheaters attack… Do we even need that rollback?

There might be a good reason for rollbacks and even wipes. Here’s the relevant part of the patch announcement:

“Code injection” is a programming term that means that a user somehow managed to hand the system some data in such a way that the system was fooled into executing it as code, i.e. program instructions.

What could be happening in this case is that the hackers modified one or more data files on the affected servers in a way that would give them admin powers or something along those lines. Normally, a security hotfix would patch the code in such a way that those data file changes don’t lead to untrusted code execution, but I’m not sure what Funcom did exactly, so they might have their reasons to want to get rid of those data files.

If that happens to be the case, the only thing they can do is either wipe the server or roll it back to where the files were clean. And if the backups don’t go that far back, then they have to wipe the server.

To be perfectly clear, they shouldn’t need to do that, but maybe they did it like that because they had no time to put out a better fix (or for some other reason I’m not privy to).

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There’s been no wipes since then. If any got wiped today is due to a database malfunction and will be restored with the planned rolled back database tomorrow morning.

The same rollbacks were not planet if they would say straight away, every one would just wait but a lot of people rebuilt during the weekend some even got twice more than they had …

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Why would they tell us roll backs cannot be done, and then say “planned rollbacks.”

Well by crom, I may as well be on drugs with all these ups and downs. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Hello @Amerixe, we’ve had to issue a rollback to the most afflicted servers, which is a measure reserved for only the most extreme cases as many players lost weeks and even months worth of progress due to the hacker’s intervention.

We’ll be issuing an official statement as soon as possible, please understand that this is not a decision that has been taken lightly.


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