Roof support and stability again about those animal pens

Well now im getting huge annoying probs. Building floor based houses and trying to place a animal pen inside. Well it is much easier to think this than building it.animal pen takes up more space than pillars can support layers.walls. beams wont help is it any people who made it possible without mods? or will it always be open roof over animal pens?im all ears:d tried so many alternatives and still end up with opening over the pen

Just to clarify - you want animal pens to be completely walled off or you want them to be safe from raiding?

Its just to build it inside on a second floor in a building for fun of it^^ Cant raid on this server. But buliding a animal pen on second floor is complicated when those pillars has few layers than the pen take.

Place support columns against wall and pen will overlap if u place it after.

Edit: So basically, build pad, then columns, then place pen, then roof

Thank you shall try that.have already pillars next to the wall.

I placed mine on the longer side of the rectangle but just use a repair hammer and observe stability

Dont know if this helps but this is the min pillars to place a roof over.



Thanks alot for the info^^ gonna go and change a bit on the structure and see what i get out of it

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