Rough Timber and Market Set from Bazaar

All I want are these two items. Is there ANY way for me to give Funcom my money for these items without having to wait for them to “rotate into stock” on the Bazaar?

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Sadly, they elected to go with the FOMO rotating bazaar instead of a real marketplace. As a result, and as far as I am aware, the answer is no.

No, you cannot just purchase the items you wish if they are not currently available in the Bazaar. the only exceptions are the older DLC packs.

There is a chance to get the “old” items after rotation much cheaper. I haven’t bought Sandstone building set because I couldn’t afford them. Later on Funcom introdused regional prices for Crom coins, and after some time both parts of this set appeared in the Bazaar in one bundle for the price of 1 part. Just be patient )))

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