RP-PVP Omada Clan Wars - PVP with faction system - See inside for description

Omada Clan Wars for Conan Exiles. Omada is a community that focuses on RP gaming utilizing a faction system.

About the server:

There are 2 + 1 factions which users have to join. The first and default factions is the Nonaligned (#nonaligned) faction, in this faction everyone is your enemy. You can try to fight everyone or try to be neutral but your fate relies on the leniency of the 2 main factions. The 2 main factions are The Banded and Enough Talk (no links to the channel as they are private for faction members only).

If you want to join a faction you must post in the #general-recruitment channel.


Players on our server are not allowed to make their own clans, if they want to join or form a team they must join one of the two factions, that rule alongside putting your character name as your discord name are the only rules.

The point of our faction system is to force players to play together and limit random abandoned buildings that you have no idea belongs to who. The unaligned are minor since for them there is a threat from all sides but they can pick or leave a side whenever they want. For any faction you can leave whenever you want to but to join a faction you must request to join in the #general-recruitment channel. The leaders of both factions are elected in these channels as well and polls can be conducted for new clan leadership votes.

Server Mods:

  • Better Thralls (for 4 follower thralls / bigger battles)
  • NPC equipment Loot
  • Niflheimer Minimap (possible excluded)
  • Conan Sexiles (possible excluded)
  • Your suggestion here (post it in the general channel

To join our server or find out more check us out on our discord: