Rubber banding after latest patch update

Game mode: [Online dedicated server]
Problem: [Performance issues with rubber banding]
Region: [US West private server]

[After the last patch today 6/29/2018 the private server I rent started rubber banding badly. It was fine this morning. I checked with the server provider and they said the server I’m on is running fine, and I restarted the server several times to make sure there were no new updates. It’s so bad that I can’t finish boss fights without it lagging and glitching out.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log into the game
2. Join online server
3. walk, or run forward
4. Watch character rubber band every few seconds.

If it is your server, you can disable the requirement for battleeye and start CE on your pc without battleeye.
If it is better then, the latest patch could be the cause (if I have understood it right, the latest patch was about the battleeye client).