[Rubi-Ka 2019] [OMNI] The Apocalypse recruitment

Are you a new or veteran player looking for a home on “Rubi-Ka 2019”?

The Apocalypse might be the place for you.

We’re an active group with some of the folks from when the org was created back in 2016, now in 2019 we’ve fully rebooted and therefor recruiting.

We offer an active environment with helpful people who all like PVP/PVM.
The org has a discord server, an active and functioning bot and an ongoing alliance with quite a few Omni-Orgs already.

We’ll have our own raidbot aswell, when the time comes along with all the usual stuff. (City, etc.)

Do you think The Apocalypse could be your new home?

Reply here, or message one of our recruiters:

  • Queenora
  • Imurechief
  • Kizmel