Rugs can't right place on ground

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After last update all rugs can’t place right on ground, they are a little to deep in the ground and when i take them a bit up, then they have no connection to the ground.

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  1. place a rug on ground
  2. rug are a bit deeper in the ground
  3. can’t place it other
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true!!! I have this type of issue!!!

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I’ve had this happen, as well, with the default Large rug (green and orange one) on sandstone foundations. Like, a default rug clips into a default T1 foundation stone…? C’mon.

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This has been an issue for me for the longest time. Since the aquilonian dlc has dropped, I noticed all my carpets that weren’t the dlc ones clipped through those floors, and many packs since have the same issue.

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