Rules are not for everyone


Im playing on official server 1036 and get bullyed from one named conan.
Get killed over and over before 19.00 - 23.00 because i didn’t ask him if it ok was where i build my camp.
Salt lake is walled and you can’t get materials from it.
Where can i get an admin for that , Thanks

I believe official stance would be:

Indeed. PvE-C that mean other can kill you and take all stuff. Better for this guy is moving on PvE, because killing and looting is the main game mechanic on PvP and PvE-Conflict.

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Just thinking out loud… nothing to do with this topic… :innocent:
If I was a new player, starting on a PVE-C server, and there was a very active player that would love to pick on fresh players…:mask:
Maybe I would avoid contact during PVP time until I gained some levels, get properly equipped, set my industry… and then make said active player sweat for the loot?


Sure, but this guy 60 lvl. And totally not a fresh player ^-^
He just want create the big drama because someone kill and loot him, at all :blush:
But you’re right, we all flood be more tolerant someday, I guess :upside_down_face:

In that case @Conan_The_Destroyer and @Cisse , per Ian Fleming legacy: Live and let die :nerd_face:

But the statement about fresh players remains! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was my second day after i quit playing for 9 months , my character was still there and only the armor i had on and my weapons, i logged on at 18.40 and he started his killing so that is against the rules, his clan walled salt lake so we can’t get materials from there and we need to ask his permission to build . Yeah i’m done with it

Remember that server time zones may be different from your own, so he may be attacking at a “legal” time based on server time. PVP shouldn’t even be possible outside the conflict times, so if he can attack you, it’s probably intended. (Otherwise it may be a bug and should be reported as such.)

Walling off the Shattered Springs is a jerk move, but you can get plenty of brimstone elsewhere too. Not in as convenient spots, being so close to an obelisk, but plentiful spots anyway.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty impossible to completely avoid running into jerks online, whether in-game, on the forums or elsewhere. That’s why I decided to play in solo mode. My game, my world, my rules.


1036 is an official PvE-Conflict server (EU) @Cisse, my mate Luna played on it, PvP time window on official PvE-Conflict servers is 17-23, not 19-23.

You can check server settings anyway from menu->settings->server settings.

Unfair move if you ask me, but this is an extract from Developer Stream Recap: June 20th, 2019 and that’s what Robert (Senior Designer) said:

original topic here

Well, I have a great idea of how we can fix it mate :grinning:
Go on PvE if you don’t want to be killed. Or prepare your self to die instantly. Go to another location and make good armor with a weapon, then go and defend your self. We no have time for crying in Conan Exile! Now go and do your best! :mankini:

Too many wonderful servers out there. Find another and enjoy the game. Find a good pve server and play.

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