Do people not understand the mechanics of PvE-C?


I play on Official PvE-C, and most shenanigans I do, do not show up in the event log by name.
I will take your stuff most likely, or dye your armor pink, or drop some food in your inventory. Depends on value and mood I guess.

I don’t actively pursue players to fight, but I do like the tension of other players having that incentive.
Guess I could classify as a thief that also gives stuff away.
I’ve played the other modes and PvE-C is the right place to be for me.

However, I feel that a lot of people in this mode do not understand the server settings. People whining and sending threatening messages because I loot their corpse.
They seem shocked that this could happen, question my actions with resentment, etc.

I’m not here to complain on the matter, I just block them, but I find it baffling that so many people get furious over the tiny detail that separates PvE from PvE-C.

Anyone else experience this?


Obviously you’re allowed to play in the way you like of course, I’m not judging you, I just want to explain other players reactions.

There’s a simple fact about PvE-Conflict on official servers you seems to ignore: politics and alliances. Most of elders clan in a PvE-Conflict server form alliances, sometimes there are wars, sometimes there’s peace.

Most of elder clans on a server help new players to make them their allied when they’ll reach level 60.

Killing and looting one people is considered a war declaration, be aware not only the clan of the guy you looted, but the entire alliance of clans allied to that clan, or even (if the guy is a newbie) elder clans wanting to demostrate having the server control and sincerly wanting to help the poor newbie looted, will retaliate against you.

This overreaction is because usually a lot of trolls, people having fun with the game only by ruining the game to others, show up on a server from time to time, and this kind of responce is the only way to mantain a server “playable” when a real “enemy” show up, without admins.

That not means on PvE-Conflict people do not fight when they’re at peace, but usually they arrange friendly (with no loot) or competitive (with a prize at stake) duels instead of hunting each other :wink:

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Politics and alliances?
This is an official server, not a roleplaying server.

You seem to describe some rules enforced by an admin on a private server, but this is an official server.
Or perhaps some rules a clan has for its members.

I run solo though, and given the time window for PvP I don’t consider any of these threats a threat.

My point of this post is that it seems a lot of people on PvE-C are better off on a PvE server, I am curious if others have experienced the same.
And how they deal with it.

I repeat, I’m not judging the way you want to play, I just want to explain why people react in the way you noticed: because the game evolved this way on official servers.

It’s the normal standard reaction.

You’re thinking in an arcade way.

The day you’ll kill or loot the wrong people you’ll do not have to watch yourself during pvp, you’ll find yourself one day buried into your base or all of your pets killed by a boss.

Like or dislike it, it’s the way of playing in most of PvE-C official servers.

That is… a threat? xD

Damn, I need to play PvE-C. PvP base design and boom, I will be untouchable and can allow me to do everything. Kill on sight at PvP times for example. (PvE nobos can’t fight)

If you are suggesting I’m threatening the OP I assure you my only intention was to tell him the standard retaliations you can see on pve-c official servers.

In a game mode where if you disconnect from inside a good built base you’re immortal there isn’t so much more possible retaliations if the target do not show up during pvp time window.

And to be clear:

People having a lot of enemies, troll or not, do not play at all during pvp time windows, but also most of normal players can’t play during it, or not for all the window.

Because first reason to play pve-c is not being able to grant pvp needed online time.

If you are suggesting it’s not a threat at all instead… well
the second reason why people play pve-c is to build big huge bases but still being able to have some duels when they’re bored or just being able to kill other players when in a building war for territory… or just being able to loot their decayed bases, wich is impossible in PvE. But essentially they are pve players.

So a threat to their base IS a more serious threat than killing them.

Most pve-c player will prefere to abandon the game than to be forced to have just a pvp-design base.

No, I did not mean that you are threatening the OP.

I mean when someone threatens to kill my disposable pets or camp my base, I’ll actually be happy about it to have some action.

I just recently joined the PvP server of my girlfriend where a “Alpha” clan keeps bombing low level players and T1 bases at a daily basis.

They tried that with me. Guess what, I killed them easily with my high level PVP experience. I was underleveled (43) and had worse gear. (Stygian vs. Legendary). I still need to build up a base there and then we raid and wipe these nobos that claim they are “gods” on the server. Will be fun seeing them fall. ;D

I think what the OP is saying is that some players are on servers titled PVE-C (and PVP as well) that get personally b…thurt when you do something that exposes either

  1. Thier Laziness --Build out in the open, easy acces to open crafting staions and/or their body.
  2. Their Lack of building IQ - they build with windows, or used T2 fencing, etc…

Retaliate if you must. But a large majority like to start mesaging in harrassing you to th epoint it isn’t fun.

I get on a PVP server, i expect to get raided. If i run by an open base, i know if i steal from it, i will get messaged. But what i don’t like is they will message in a way to “justify” themselves, instead of admitting they got out played, and just be the bad guy and come raid me.

Getting the, “hey, don’t you know we are alpha, and you should not have taken that blue fish out of my open 100 fish traps. That is an act of war” message amuses me more than anything. Because, the minute I logged in, i fell it is an act of war." So don’t message, just find me and lets pick a square.

I think it’s more people are little kids about it than they don’t understand the mechanics. Can’t let someone steal your stuff without measuring your d*ck for them.

When it comes to clans, you’ve got a mix of people who just want the safety in numbers, then people who are sincerely of the opinion that they are just the biggest, baddest person that ever entered the Exiled Lands (see above), and then the jackasses that just want to talk big because they have a clan and feel safe doing so. They are the ones who get mad when you take a fish out of their fish trap, and the ones who threaten you rather than just doing something about it.

This is exactly what I’m thinking.

And that’s also why I don’t see these messages I get as threats.
“My whole clan will hunt you down!” => Awesomesauce!
“I will pull world bosses to your base.” => Sweet! I have awesome defense though. Epic flawless armor, legendary hammers and greatswords, funnel system. Only one pathway up to the base since I actually plan stuff…

And I loooooooove building @Born2bAlive, so I hear your point regarding base building compared to PvP. PvP building is too prescriptive to my liking. 10 doors to compensate for wall durability and that kind of nonsense.

I know there are different personalities and ways to play this game, I’m just so dumbfounded by the reactions still.

I never gotten “Why did you kill me?” message in a multiplayer FPS…

I block them after I get two or three messages in rapid succession. That’s a clear sign of anger.
Don’t even read those messages. Off to oblivion they go.

I’ve played on a few PvE-C private servers, never an official one though.

I think this is really about different play styles.

Some people are playing the “rules” of the game. By that I mean, the game allows looting corpses, so you loot them. You can kill other players, so you do.

Then there are those that bring a whole social aspect into the game. They create large clans, large alliances, etc. They then try and see if they can make their way to the top of this social structure, to gain control over it. That is the game to them.

That the solo players are not playing their game is very annoying to them. They are going to try to make the game not worth your trouble so you will move on to another server. Why they just don’t run a private server and do this sort of thing is beyond me. Maybe that wouldn’t be enough of a challenge, as they could just make server rules and pull it off very easily.

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