(SA Agents as NPC / SA NPC as Agents) Creative Mission Plot Writing

This thread concerns the South Africa zone and may contain spoilers for those unacquainted with the play-field or related characters.

Unlike the preceding zones, South Africa does not have strong Non-Player Character interactions, Che Hansson being the somewhat notable exception by being involved in several missions and cut-scenes.
Che however, is already developed upon in Kingsmouth by providing Missions, multiple lines of dialogue and numerous cut-scene appearances as well as in Kaidan, and additionally also being represented in the Agent Network.

Other Non-player characters in South Africa provide brief and vague interactions, and there are also fewer and less story driven missions in the South African zone than preceding zones.

The Agent Network however has many more characters held in association with the South Africa zone, and each with a background biography text.
Lead Designer Nirvelle at one time supported the proposal of making agents more connected to players in-game, potentially as interactable NPCs in future content.

The point of this thread is to ask members to creatively write about South Africa zone character/s (from New Dawn play-field or the Agent Network) in a plot that could be conceivable as an Agent network mission or a South Africa side / main mission.


Rumours have circulated that a Tagati sorcerer is operating in the New Dawn compound. Send a covert agent to determine their identity and assess their activities.


Riley has information concerning a new Morninglight Initiate contending for title of ‘King of the Gym’ and may be a ‘bee-stung’.
Challenge this Russian ‘Oleg’ in his favoured sport of Chessboxing as an opening for confirmation.


Disturbing reports have reached Dennis Masuhlo of the South African Police suggesting supernatural activity affecting a settlement near the New Dawn compound.
A small, select group of Morninglight Annointed will be conducting a recruitment drive to this area to hand out pamphlets.
Send an agent / Infiltrate the recruitment drive in order to meet the police officer and investigate the source of these rumours.

The ancient Mevlevi Order has information for sale regarding the burglary of art collector Erika Gunden. Several of these stolen artefacts are of unknown origin could be pre-4th Age and therefore potentially dangerous.
Rendezvous with agent Mehmet Muzzaffer in the Tabula Rasa to learn more.

Queen Ranavalona I is concerned over a unusual weather phenomenon moving South-Easterly across the Atlantic Ocean to slow south of False Bay.
Meet with the sovereign, and investigate/send an agent to determine the nature of this fog and whether it poses a threat to the Queen’s home.

The Council of Venice has been alerted to an elaborate cover-up involving a Morninglight transportation of Bingo! Cola in Sudan.
Speak with Mark Strakes about accompanying agent Mesilande Gwinyai in tracking the delivery to its destination and manufacturing source.

Zuberi has been flagged asking questions about the place known as ‘The Hive’ and has been seen using remote Agarthan portals to meet with Swarm Agent Ann Thophora.
Follow / Deploy an unaffiliated agent into Agartha to follow and learn anything about the nature and/or location of ‘The Hive’.

Intel indicates an extravagant bounty has been placed on you.
Utilise this as an opportunity to intercept the assassin known as Wekesa Ikande and acquire information by any means necessary regarding; the order of “the Ouroboros”, the alleged association with the Four and Sixty and a mysterious prophecy to bring about an end of the Age.

Something is affecting New Dawn Foundling Nomsa at night, rendering her non compos mentis during the day. Assist Nomsa by fulfilling some of her daily chores using her ascension bracelet and seek the cause of her nightly torment.

  • Pick up Nomsa’s ascension bracelet.
    • Collect meals from the main pavilion and distribute them to Annointed guards in their watchtowers.
    • Collect a stack of Morninglight bibles from the Announted gate guardhouse and arrange them on the pavilion benches.
    • Collect building materials from the back of the trucks and transport them to the construction site.
      • Fend off Thato.
  • Collect Nomsa’s ascension points from the Anointed Overseer.
  • Observe Nomsa’s hut after dark.
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The Mouths of Montauk

Weird Non-Fiction magazine claims to have uncovered the truth behind the conspiracy of Montauk.
The Editor-in-chief states recent political instability has brought forth an anonymous source prepared to reveal all.
So far only a list of alleged participants has been published. The list contains numerous Morninglight members, including one Che G. Hansson.

  • Talk to Che / Send an Agent in order ascertain the identity of the source and extent of their knowledge.