Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka update - v3.3

On map open this crashes my client occasionally. I think it may be because all the layers are in one big file. I’ve noticed that others split theirs into individual smaller files. Would recommend optimizing this.

Hello Saavick, you’re really awesome !

I just have one question about dynacamps.
Are their positions based on your own experience or some other source ? Are all your toons are clan ?

I ask this because I’m surprised to see any 100+ dynacamps only on clan areas. Have I a chance to find a dynaboss in omni areas or there are really no 100+ dynacamps in omni areas ?

@MagicBuzz the dyna camps are complete; I have used pre-existing maps, my own experience, and feedback on earlier versions of my map.

What level dyna’s are you looking for specifically?
You can go to Perpetual Wastelands via neutral whompa’s (ICC - Newland City - Newland Desert - Hope - Sabulum).
As an omni, you can reach CAV via Output 10-3 (grid - 2HO - whompa to SAV, fly north a bit).

Belial Forest is most easily reached via (Tir - Varmint woods - Wine), which is through clan territory. On the other hand in my experience, you can make it past the guards without getting hit or even noticed. Plus if you’re strong enough to take on those dyna’s, the guards shouldn’t be too threatening anymore anyway.

It’s very hard for me to reproduce any crashes, but I would be willing to make a version for you with the layers split into separate files. Would you help me test it?


I am looking for a way to bring the entire planet map into an image software. How would I do this? I see the .bin file, however, I only get a very small portion of the top left corner when I view it. Thank you for your help!

legacy map tools:


Is there a map legend for the icons or what do they mean?
Also, is there a way to see creature levels on the map?

Icons I am seeing:
-30, -75
4-R, 7-L, 6-M
2 1

See Saavick’s post above with the link to Caloss’s video on the map.


The -30, -75 indicate Dyna Boss levels. Not all playfields have Dyna bosses, but these are indicators of the locations and levels.
4-R, 7-L, 6-M are exits from the Fixer Grid - Number is the level in the grid, the letter indicates multiple exits - Left, Right, Middle. 4th level, Right grid exit, 7th level, Left grid exit, etc.
2X, 1X are notum tower fields. Notum fields are numbered in each playfield to make them easy to identify.

Hope this helps a bit.


Hunni gave a good explanation of what the icons mean, but there’s also a legend on the bottom left corner of the map :blush: (drag with the mouse)


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Should add the NT kite spots for RK5 server’s and maybe RK19 (so easier to tell people where to level?)

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I may have something setup incorrectly. I see the legend on the default map, but not on the Saavick’s Map. I zoomed in/out and dragged the mouse to all corners.

Yeah it’s only on the third layers and up :blush: You can zoom in to see it. This layer doesn’t have any symbols other than whompa’s (the squares), grid exits (unlabeled triangles) and fgrid exits (labeled triangles).

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Hi there,

I have the same problem with mine as well - I would be willing to test it to see if it works (got a few people that have the same problem after I have directed them towards this map). I’m using the old client as the new one crashes ALL the time and the only thing crashing now is the maps

Thanks for the great work!!

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hey hey :blush:

I’ve made an update for the map with the following changes:

  • Added a separate selectable map with 2x size.
    This one includes a double sized whom-pah map.
  • Corrected highlighting issue in the Crypt of Home map.
  • Corrected positions of drill sergeants Estare and Weston.
  • (Technical) Each map layer is now in a separate file. This reduces
    memory usage and prevents out-of-memory crashes some players experience.

Please see the first post for a download link, full information about changes, screenshots and installation instructions. Thanks to Caloss2, Jensenberg and Salvo for helping me test this version. :heart:


You work harder on AO than FC. Thank you, thank you very much <3


Great job indeed Saavick. Thanks to you and to everybody else that make and maintain the awesome tools for AO (AOIA+, ClickSaver,,, BudaBot, just to name a few :slight_smile: )


Thanks a lot working great :slight_smile:

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hey hey :blush:

I’ve made another update for the map with the following changes:

  • Added a missing criminal camp in Varmint Woods.
  • Added a missing ferry terminal in Coast of Peace.
  • Added a missing fixer grid exit in 4 Holes.
  • Added a label for the crash site west of Last Ditch.
  • Added a label for the dig site near the City of Home.
  • Added a label for the meteor impact crater in Coast of Peace.
  • Added a label for the mine west of the Newland Lake.
  • Added a label for the rock shrine in Upper Stret East Bank.
  • Added a little ‘B’ marker for the various bars and nightclubs.
  • Added ferry routes on layer 2.
  • Added two bridges over the canyon in Perpetual Wastelands.
  • Improved accuracy of Joe Two-Fingers location D marker.
  • Corrected spelling on Argentum in 4 Holes.
  • Removed a cabin in Broken Shores that no longer exists.

Please see the first post for a download link, full information about changes and installation instructions.

Ferry routes



hey hey :blush:

After Funcom’s recent retirement of the ARK programme and the dissapointment this has caused among the community, I’d like to present a small tribute to our beloved Advisors of Rubi-Ka who have done so much for us players. Based on an idea by @Trousers, I’ve made a special version of my planet map where I’ve named many previously unnamed landmarks after ARKs, to show our appreciation of them.

I’ve talked with as many ARKs as I’ve been able to contact to ask them about their favourite places, and I’ve tried to come up with good spots for others. Working from mine and other people’s memory, it’s inevitable my list is not going to be complete, but my intention is to make this a tribute to all the ARKs past and present and I thank you all for the joy you have brought to Anarchy Online over the years.


You can download this special edition of the map here. Or if you prefer, you can instead also download the regular version here.

To install the map, extract the contents of the zip file to the following location:

<your AO install directory>\cd_image\textures\PlanetMap\SaavicksMap

Please make sure the directory name is correct, or it won’t work. The directory should already be there, since a previous version of my map comes pre-installed with the game.


For a complete list of all the new named locations, have a look below. Besides the ARK landmarks, I’ve also added a missing shop at the Omni Research area in Eastern Fouls Plains.

  • All ARKs: ICC square ARK memorial
  • Acelithiel: Acelithiel Island (Upper Stret East Bank, east)
  • Alaen: Alaen Skerries (Deep Artery Valley, southwest)
  • Anarrina: Anarrina Island (Upper Stret East Bank, east)
  • Asheal: Asheal Forest (Coast of Peace, north)
  • Bekrowe: Mount Bekrowe (Eastern Fouls Plains, southeast)
  • Belaroth: Mount Belaroth (Eastern Fouls Plains, southwest)
  • Belphamun: Belphamun Oasis (Wailing Wastes, north)
  • Cassiwary: Cassiwary Oasis (Newland Desert, southeast)
  • Cupkees: Cupkees Island (Upper Stret East Bank, east)
  • Deshia: Lake Deshia (The Longest Road, south)
  • Eponyx: Eponyx Bay (Southern Fouls Hills, southwest)
  • Fairwolf: Fairwolf Square (Old Athen, middle)
  • Gendrix: Cape Gendrix (Coast of Peace, south)
  • Kethend: Kethend Pass (Galway County, south)
  • Laithorum: Laithorum Notum Crystal (4 Holes, northwest)
  • Lantean: Lantean Bridge (Pleasant Meadows, east)
  • Luminescent: Lake Luminescent (The Longest Road, southeast)
  • Mardack: Lake Mardack (Southern Artery Valley, southeast)
  • Marvillious: Marvillious Oasis (Newland Desert, northeast)
  • Menumorut: Menumorut Crater (Mort, middle)
  • Nabha: Nabha Dam (Clondyke, middle)
  • Naevix: Naevix Bay (Coast of Tranquility, southwest)
  • Nertania: Nertania’s Dig Site (Milky Way, southeast)
  • Ninoshka: Ninoshka Cover (Coast of Tranquility, east)
  • Niylah: Niylah Island (Deep Artery Valley, north)
  • Prunus: Prunus Notum Crystal (4 Holes, northeast)
  • Rainys: Lake Rainys (Newland, middle)
  • Rajdoke: Rajdoke Cave (Clondyke, middle)
  • Scintillant: Scintillant Salt Plains (Greater Tir County, northwest)
  • Shahla: Lake Shahla (The Longest Road, northwest)
  • Shamorty: Shamorty Salt Plains (Greater Tir County, northeast)
  • Silvergarde: Silvergarde’s Couch (Greater Tir County middle, back of the shop)
  • Spacequest: Spacequest Deep Space Observatory (Clondyke, north)
  • Starluna: Cape Starluna (Coast of Tranquility, south)
  • Squance: Squance Island (Stret River, northwest)
  • Sywyyn: Sywyyn’s Knoll (Old Athen, north)
  • Theowyn: Theowyn Crater (Mort, middle)
  • Trapelty: Trapelty Flower Fields (Clondyke, northeast)
  • Wenetia: Mount Wenetia (Eastern Fouls Plains, southwest)
  • Whiterazor: Whiterazor Volcano (Avalon, northwest)
  • Yarkona: Mount Yarkona (Eastern Fouls Plains, southwest)