Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka update - v2.2

Saavick’s Map of Rubi-Ka update - v2.2
Feb 15th, 2018, 17:25:29

hey hey

I’ve made a little update for the planet map. None of the changes are very big as there have been no big patches to AO, but I saved up a few smaller improvements that I feel are worth it to share.

The followings things are new:
Updated Greater Tir County to show removal of city plots.
Added a missing store in Stolt’s Trading Outpost.
Added a missing portal to the Inner Sanctum outside Rome Blue.
Improved accuracy of character tracking in Milky Way.
Improved accuracy of Dangerous Prisoner marker.
Corrected various spelling errors.

If you were using the default version that comes with AO rather than the previous version, the following things are new as well:
Added the Re-Incarnator and the new hidden rooms in Inner Sanctum.
Added the shuttle to ICC HQ near the temple of three winds.
Added the Observer in the Reck.
Added Omni-Pol Secretary Lambeer in Omni-1 Entertainment.
Added a missing dynaboss in Aegean.
Added locations to collect Carbonrich rocks on layer 4.
Updated colours for Factory labels in the Reck to indicate presence of guards.
Improved accuracy of Deadly Prisoner marker.

You can download the map here:
The download link is:
Extract the contents of the file to the following location:


Please make sure the directory name is correct, or it won’t work The directory should already be there, since a previous version of my map comes pre-installed with the game.


Download latest @

For most screens set upto 1300 pixels width definition, normal version is advised ; over 1300 pixels width definition, especially if text is hard for you to read, prefer wide version now available.

With any old version removed, extract archive in ao/cd_image/textures/PlanetMap ; you should obtain a new “SLmap” folder containing various files (bin, xml & txt) according to the version you downloaded.
At this point, just open ingame worldmap once in SL by hitting “P” & then click the “i” upperleft of that window > Select Map > choose SLmap link from the list ; that’s all done !11!!1
If you have an error hitting “P”, assuming you already got the map correctly installed, it’s fixed by chat command : /setoption ShadowlandMapIndexFile “SLmap/SLmap.txt” or /setoption ShadowlandMapIndexFile “SLmap/SLmapWide.txt”


Thanks for copying this Mmir :slight_smile:

The download link is missing though, and I don’t have the the forum rights to post it :blush:

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add the Download Link

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Thanks Melcom <3

Because a new Version was released I closed this thread