Sacrificial table is too brigth

The torch in sacrificial table is too brigth, it could be removed or toggle on off, or could change colours. How could we have a dark creepy sacrifical place with all those ligth. It reminds me midsommar.


I’m gonna be the one to claim it’s broken the game and PvP is dead now because of it.

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Completely agree here: table torch is much too bright; it 's light eats up other colored torches into area. And another - yes- about color; it would be nice to have it at least different - red or purple (or we could be able to change color in sacrifical table).

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Just wondering how did the sacrificial table kill pvp?

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I like it! It’s a big torch so it’s normal that it would be brighter than the small torches. But sure a toggle switch could be nice.
I have mine outside at the back of the house and the light is pretty pleasant and realistic there, especially at night, I get how it would seem too bright indoors with all the reflections.

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Maelstrom torch lighting for it would have made for a far more ominous sacrificial table. Would also match that black magic set from the Bazaar. Hell, let us have the option to use witchfire, the glow stick from The Dregs, battlepass coloured torches, FBotRM or Maelstrom.

As far as I can tell, it has had no appreciable impact on PvP - my post was a joke about how eventually there is someone who will claim this about any feature in the game; so I wanted to be that person to get ahead of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, such a bright light source you can’t turn off makes your base easier to spot in the dark, effectively painting a target for raiders. So yeah, definitely killed PvP.

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:point_up_2:t2: It didn’t take long for someone to say it :joy::joy::joy:

I’m pretty sure all the duping that’s been going on is the cause of PvP servers dying… not sorcery

Yep, everything is game breaking, kills PvP, or causes player to just quit.

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I’m pretty sure that if you wake up on one of those sacrificial tables, the bright torch is the least of your worries. :grinning:

See the source image

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Lots of lights are too bright, I don’t mind it that much though.
Only the small braziers should be dimmed a lot (torches, hanging ceiling lamp and the large brazier are perfect).

Yes. I noticed that the new light sources are less brigh, for example the arcabe brazier is amazing, oil lamp, compared to the turanian lamp make much more sense. I use most of those you mentioned, plus the wall lamp too. I dont like the groud braziers and the the hanging wall that projects the light to the front.

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For ground ones you should try this one:

It often get overlooked, but it has a low warm light source

This one is also very good:

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Exactly. I tested every one by elimination, and found those two more suitable.

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Nah. Just outpost it near some NPC camp and stock it with empty vials. Heck we put one near Sepmeru with a casting table. There is plenty of glass in the city to farm and craft into vials and the souls are plenty.

The skull braziers with the pink smoke effect are quite good for mood lighting

Not only is it too bright, it is dirty in the graphic’s sense. It will cause hitching in more elaborate builds where most other lights don’t. If they don’t want to fix it, give us a light switch.