Sad but true :(

So guys after all this, i manage to have a chat with a software engineer who work with Unreal Engine, after explaining to him all our problems in today Conan Exile he look on our game and the server Funcom provided.
So if funcom dos not want to shear this i will, and they are aware of this problems ( read it fast cause this will be deleted asap) There is nothing they can do to fix this exploits, they can try to stop all this exploits but it will take months maybe years depends on how much money they want to invest. Security is almost 0 any one with a lil knowledge can exploit and flood the servers. The engineer words was “This project is not finish is missing allot core parts and they take shortcuts that can be exploited essay” The only reason he thinks they take this shortcuts cod be that the team who work on this game got pressure from the developer to release this software.
I love this game and now i understand there is nothing they can do and there will be no fast fix.
II do not know if they are willing to invest time and money, i`m willing to buy the game again in order to help them, or even pay a few quid a month.

Take care and good luck funcom

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Thank you for your feedback. If you take a look into our past patch notes, you can see numerous exploit fixes. You also already know about the Exploit Hunters website. If we did not care for fixing them, this website would not exist.
You may want to understand the process of bug/exploit fixing more and maybe your software engineer friend can help! But it’s a hard process depending on the bug. You need to understand how it happens, what to fix to make it not happen anymore, make sure other things don’t break due to the fix, deploy the fix, test the fix, and so on. Thank you for your patience!