Saddle workbench turn in to tanner workbench

I have made a saddle workbench before, made many saddles, light and medium. But suddenly, after an update, I cant craft saddles anymore, and the saddles does not show on horses. The Icon where there is supposed to be a saddle is empty, only showing health.
When I, after restarting the game and server many times, was able to make a saddle workbench, it turned into a tanner workbench (yes, it was called that, and looked like a armorer worbench) I was not able to set it in my house, or anywhere else… We have four horses, only two with saddles (the empty icon and ■■■■■■■■ on the horses) We can ride the one with saddles.
So my question is, anyone know how to resolve this?

Are you really playing on TestLive servers? Are you using any mods?

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