Saga of Blood Closes February 19: What to Expect



Btw, when are those dueling highlights coming up? From the tournament.


It’ll be a while yet. I have to comb through something like 10+ gigs of footage to find usable bits first and then still put together something passable. Our full-time video producers are on an important project for upcoming titles so that takes priority; in the meantime I’m what you get :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, what about the pictures of all the winners you mentioned in the livestream? :slightly_smiling_face:


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Haha, sounds like someone is mad. Have no Idea who you are but why didnt you give me some competition then? Crying here wont make you look better.:smile:


Because I wasn’t playing a hox. Though I saw your duels and it was kinda meh… :wink:


Yea of course, I had to give them a chance.:slightly_smiling_face:


I will tank an I will gank maybe I will teach but maybe I will just gank see you on fury <3


well if all i have to do is move customized folder, then that will be ezpz. gonna remember to disable power saver mode as well…if i dont forget haha


Yes, I did finish that up and will post that today. Hopefully you guys like it; if you’re not lookin’ just right just let me know and I’ll update things.


Hopefully you’re okay with this:


This text is a bit confusing to me…

“Your Saga character will transfer to Fury - just make sure you don’t leave anything in your mail or tradepost! These items will be lost to the ether during the merge.”

Does this mean I will need to empty my bank (tradepost) and put all items in inventory before the merge? I know not to have anything in mail or up for sale. Will things left on the trader that are not mailed or for sale transfer?



It means, remove all items from selling queue or attachments on your ingame mails.