Saga Purist not on Crom

The Purist achievement says it’s “account bound”. I did it on my Saga character however it doesn’t show up on my Crom characters. I also tried talking to the Chronicler of Deeds without success. Am I missing somehing or is it actually “server bound”?

its both, but server trumps account.

I had the same issue as you. I sent an ingame petition telling them that I completed purist using x toon on saga of Zath … a GM verified the achievement had been completed on my account and fixed the bugged title.

well then there a ton of achievements that should get credit if they are going to do that… Like all the level 80s, purist, warlord etc…

It wont show up until the saga server closes down and your character gets moved to fury.

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Account wide achievements don’t propagate to Crom/Fury until after saga closes. It’s intended to keep saga and Crom/Fury achievements separate.

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Thanks good to know.

Regarding my specific issue: I noticed weeks after the Saga of Zath server had been merged and the character had been renamed due to a naming clash with another character on my account that I did not have access to the purity title on my characters but my achievement page registered I had completed the requirements. Speaking to the chronicler of deeds did not resolve the issue. Therefore I had petitioned to get it resolved, which a GM did resolve.

To explain further: I had some of the purity dungeon achievements completed on my account prior to the Saga of Zath server activation. I completed the rest of the purity achievement dungeons with my Saga of Zath character. I had chosen to make my Saga of Zath necromancer have the same name as my Crom barbarian as it is the nickname that most people know me by.

So the achievement had propagated correctly but the entitlement to use the title had not.


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