"Salvaged Item" Breaking decoration mods

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Any
Server Type: Any
Map: Any
Server Name: All
Mods: All that have decorations hooked on the new building system

Bug Description:

Whenever the player has a deco/building piece that is linked to the new hammer system, if they do not have the recipe for it, it’ll turn into a “salvaged item”.

Bug Reproduction:

Spawn a decoration item that is in the hammer menu, have it in your inventory without owning the feat. Relog.

There is a massive issue that is both a Devkit Bug and a base game bug, this issue arose after the last emergency patch.

Now if a player doesn’t have a feat learned, any decoration/building piece item they have in their inventory gets turned into “Salvaged Item” upon relog/Crash/Death.

Now this has created a giant issue within our decoration mods and many others where, if you hook the decoration items to the hammer system, they’ll be salvaged upon restart. If you do not hook them into the new systems, they’ll work as intended.

This makes it so that server owners that have a custom economy can no longer give/sell these items to players. And the servers that do wish to allow free usage of these items cannot use the new hammer system (which makes decorating a lot easier.)

If this whole “salvaged item” is an intended feature I would please ask that it be put behind a setting admins can enable/disable, if not, a fix for this bug would be much appreciated as it does not allow us to make use of the new building hammer, which at least in my opinion is MUCH better then the previous building system.

Also if there is any workarounds that you are aware off until a patch or option is added to enable/disable it, I would really appreciate it.

ps.: although the feats hold the recipes it is linked directly to owning or not the actual recipe of said item.


Same issue here. Very annoying one.


Same issue all over, this really needs fixed


As both a modder and a player, I can say that this “issue” is a very problematic one.
I was very excited to transfer most of my mods into the new Construction Hammer system and took a lot of time to do so as well. As we began doing some testing with it, we bumped into this pretty major issue. In the end, the problematics that arise from this “bug” is giving me no other choice but having to revert everything to the old system. it is a shame, truly, as the community seemed very excited to be able to use this new system with mods.
I really hope this will be taken into consideration by the Funcom Team and that they will look into this matter. We were given a very cool tool but unfortunately, we are unable to use it/implement it in mods.


Yep… This is also a vanilla issue… Same thing happens when I try to give out the Religion Altars. If the player logs out with the altar in their inventory, poof… its replaced with the Salvaged Items icon. Its super annoying and I can’t stand it.


I dunno what you’re talking about, I love standing there every time I fatal error during building and throwing out every single salvaged item one at a time because I want to avoid the hammer system. It’s an absolute failure of design that has you clicking three times and scrolling through a list every time you want to change the tileset you’re building with. ‘recently used’ category when? ‘favorites’ list when?

But no, seriously; this has broken so many things. Please fix it.

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Bug is bad. Bug make modders angry. modders angry means angry players. This affects not just certain mods but any mod that pertains to building and deco. Please fix


Same issue… Please fix this funcom.


This really kills RP servers and server infrastructure with economy and profession systems. Please Funcom there must be a workaround for this.
What’s the point to prevent players to buy vanilla and mod content with ingame currency from modded vendors like Thespians. Some players like to grind , some players like to buy with ingame currency like gold coins. You call this game open world - why do you restrict players then?

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That has proven to be an issue just like falling through the solid foundation. Are these linked, not sure but started around the same time. Fixes are in order and hope to see them sooner than later.
Peace everyone.

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I’ve also experienced this same issue both with vanilla and modded items - with and without mods in the list. A very annoying issue to say the least. I hope this bug will be fixed soon! It makes playing on servers - and being an administrator thereof - very difficult for no reason at all.

Looking forward to see this bug fixed! :slight_smile:


Lending my voice in support. This bug needs fixing!


I have to say that this does hinder what private server owners can do if a player will lose items that they have bought because it gets turned into materials. Definitely would like this fixed.


I don’t mind the new ‘Hammer’ system though it -does- take some getting used to. But the spawning issue of items in the method mentioned above has been noticed on our server as well & it is incredibly annoying, especially if I don’t remember what those items were (I sometimes save decor for later instead of having to spawn more or MAKE more). All that salvage is super excessive too. I have Salvage items coming out my ears on some things.
I would love to see this ISSUE/BUG fixed to say the least and it would also be nice to see the ‘Hammer’ system gain the ability for a ‘search’ function if you are looking for something in particular you can’t recall the name of. Someone mentioned a ‘Favorites’ system up above and that sounds also like a GREAT idea too & I second it.


Repost – So after some extensive use now with the new construction hammer. I’m even more not liking its implementation. The following are my reasons however is inclusive the very reasons Henri has made this post for. This is a Core Issue of Quality of Life for roleplay environments…

  1. Before 3.0, On a roleplay server, I could quite make something and turn around and sell that building piece in “roleplay”, let them place it down. This would be the case for any Mod that creates a building piece, decorative piece, from any mod that makes decorative items, or structural environment pieces from DMT for example,. or something from another Mod and there are several of them. This is no longer possible. And is an extreme irritant to me as a scene creator, inhibiting the full potential of imaginative creations and replacements etc. I can go on and on about this. It’s that annoying.

  2. Unlock plus has made the ability for you to pick something up with a keybind and put it in the box. You can for that one day. Unfortunately the moment you log out and then log back in after a restart. Everything you pick up and put in the storage box has turned into a salvaged items, essentially back into this raw components. This is very much a very annoying thing for me, so much to the point that I HATE its release Quite Literally someone else should take over the coding of that construction hammer.

  3. It’s very clear to me at this point that 3.0 has a message all to its self without even verbally saying it. 'We the developers of the game do not like modders. We do not want then changing the game anymore. " It honestly seems that way. Even though this is clearly a bug and seemily one that nobody seems to be able to fix. Personally I feel like it’s an intentionally placed bug not an accidental one, as if oops we did not see that coming. It’s very clear that this construction hammer has a gated system tied into the Bazaar that will prevent deco mods from working as intended. Another slap in the face to mod creators. Not one I am pleased with.

Edited 3.) has blocked every means of modded crafting into the hammer by default and that is the most ignorant decision to date to prevent permanent Inventory items.

ATLEAST make only vanilla buildings to be controlled by the hammer and not be controlling everything. LET US craft and STORE IT for later use. I don’t want to keep freaking building shit over and over and over again.
This Building grind/ crafting grind is honestly making me lose my interest to continue using this platform.

I do not have as patience and social ettiquete niceness as others may have I know. but this is as nice as I can be. deal with it.

When will you game developers going to realize that it is the modders that make this game enjoyable for us. We are on the enjoyment struggle bus now, thanks to your lack of thorough testing.


Absolutely agree, this needs to be fixed asap. The new hammer system is great but with the issues with deco mods its more a hindrance.


Agreed. Please fix this issue.


Agreed FUNCOM needs to get on this, if they dont realize that the main reason their game still has a pulse is becuase of gifted modders, then we are doomed.


Hi there. Just stumbled accross this issue on a roleplay server than was intending to grant some “admin only” deco items to players as a reward. The hardly gained rewards disappeared over night o_o

That’s a serious issue for every server that has a economic system based on the control of player capacity to craft (profession mods, etc.) or on specific flavour decorations only accessible when given by admin… and here I’m not only talking about roleplay servers as every gaming mod might be impacted.

I agree, that change must be reverted, let these items stay in the inventory !


Any news on this issue?