Stackable Vanilla Items turning into Salvaged Item

I am having an issue where any stackable items are turning into Salvaged items on relog. This happens with or without any mods and in single player and multiplayer. For example, If I had 100 Nemedian walls, 50 Nemedian pillers and say 50 Aquilonian roof pieces, they would turn into salvaged items on relog. This is very frustrating, is there any way to fix this?

That is not a bug.
All building pieces previously crafted and stored have been converted to salvaged items, because ALL building has been moved to the construction hammer interface :slight_smile:
In those salvaged item packages though you got back 100% of the materials so you can just equip a construction hammer and build them when they’re needed, you can no longer store pre-crafted building pieces though.

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Thats awful. Why do I have to re-craft things I have already made. Thats a heck of an inconvenience and waste of time.

You don’t have to recraft them… because you can no longer craft them :slight_smile:
If you look in your inventory menu all the recipes for crafting building pieces are gone.

The game has a completely new construction system (and it’s much better btw)
You need to craft a construction hammer (inventory crafting 20 wood, 5 twine) and equip it.
After that you can open the building menu with “F” and select the piece you want.

You have to have the raw materials (bricks, reinforcements etc) in your inventory and building is instant… there is no crafting time for the pieces. Right-click puts you in delete mode after which left-clicking will delete pieces. Middle-click works as a copy-paste - you look at any existing building piece next to you, click it and then your active hologram piece becomes that one.

Oh wow ok. Thank you so much!

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