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Before the update, I played with my sibling and, owning almost all the DLC, would craft the stuff for them so they could build with it. That doesn’t seem possible anymore with the new system via the hammer, unless I’m missing something. Is there anyway to reproduce that?

I’m afraid you can’t give pre-made building pieces to other players anymore. Removing a building piece reverts it back to raw materials.

Placeables should be fine, although some people have reported that some placeables have turned into raw materials too, rather than go sit nicely in the player’s backpack.

I had suspicions that this will happen. Possibly an oversight, but I have a feeling this might have been done deliberately so that more players buy the DLC instead of sharing.

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What a massive disappointment of a change. I hope they reconsider and adjust it so I can share it again. That’s a lot of $$$$ for the DLC. :pensive:

Oh there’s no question it’s a deliberate change. An understandable one, IMO, but still.

Hmm not sure if it was intentional
For building I think its better, but for sharing… yeah its not really working like we used too

I prefer waiting for a official reaction rather than listen to speculation.

I would have a look in the worshop to see if there is a mod that could do that …

I already looked for a mod. I found one that restores non-building items into the inventory, but nothing for building pieces unfortunately.

Hopefully someone from Funcom can answer if this was intended or if there’s gonna be a way to share again. I bought all of the DLCs in order to share with my sibling on our own server, just before the big update. So it’s really disappointing. :sweat_smile:

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