Same clan claim all spots but on different accounts (Official 1111 PVP)

Hi friends.

How can i deal with this? There is a clan (i cant name them since funcoms rules i lame) but on server 1111 official PvP, there is two people, who play from like 5-8 different accounts (and clans) and build bases at popular places just to claim it, and be “safe” from other good spots so good clans wont come in easily.

How can i deal with this? How can i prove it for real, even though know it 100%? Other than that, they also just mass spam foundations at their base and easily have +30k foundations build.

All these claims are only T3 buildings and empty, but looks like a “real” base.

I think that if they are inside the rules, if none of the accounts commit claim abuse or other tos violations, there is nothing to do unfortunatelly. Each account count as separated player, who bought a copy of the game. The only solution i see is to gather people to wipe them out.

The no nameNshame rule is common on forums, it’s not just funcom.

And agree


I wouldn’t recommend being that guy, so don’t carefully scrutinize the bases looking for violations.

You will have to view each clan as an individual but if one of them is spamming foundations (as you said) then that is against the ToS and can be reported. If one of them is building in a spot with the sole purpose of claiming the land to prevent others from building, that is also against the ToS and can be reported. Make sure you take lots of (good) pictures and report each clan individually at the Zendesk. However, don’t report people as a form of revenge, Funcom will penalize false reporters that are abusing the system.

The way you deal with a situation like that is with this magical thing you can craft called dragon powder

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