Sandstone destroy

How to destroy Sandstone buildings on pvp servers?
I use steel axe and steel weapon but they do 1 dmg on hit, its ok?

No that will take forever man. Use explosive jars, a few explosive jars can wipe any sandstone base. You can also use grease orbs and fire orbs to do burn damage to the structures. Wasting your time hitting the structures with weapons, even if you use star metal weapons and other ones better than steel, it will still take forever. Whenever you want to destroy structures, explosives and the siege, i.e. Trebuchet, is the way to go.

Explosives also arent all that hard to craft especially if you just need a few.

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I stated it in another post.
I’m not a toxic pvp’er, we need to be able to do more damage to chests instead of having to use bombs and fire.

I will make an example:

I needed some materials, went to noob beach, burned a door, found many wooden cests stacked on each other, in front the players characters sleeping, had to burn down the chests with grease balls and fire, but i also killed the guys because they where sleeping in front of the chests, and crumbled the foundation below, the walls behind, the floor above and killed their pets who from above fell into the fire below. I just wanted some materials and not to be a pet genocidal maniac… I toke what i needed and placed the rest in their benches and furnaces.
When the guys came back the raged at me in chat, then rage quit the server before i could answer.

@Ignasi can you forward this to whom it concern? It make sense as a critic on the raiding mecanic right? or am i exagerating?

It’s not toxic to destroy everything, it’s ok for PvP

Player vs Player, not Player vs Building.

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I will upset you, but no. I always destroy players with bases, and enemies destroy me with base.

So be ready that your base will be fully destroyed and this will be correct

You won’t upset me, I play rust too. But this ain’t rust. This COULD be something else, for better or worse. And I ain’t your average middleclass meat eating circle of life cheater citizen. :wink:

Yeah unfortunately as far as I’m aware any weapon or tool does 1 damage per hit to structures, regardless of what tier of weapon it is, as long as it is steel or higher, anything lower just won’t damage at all.

I agree it would make sense for there to be another way to break into things like chests, Maybe give something like hammers a bonus against structures. Nothing game breaking but even 10 damage per hit would be an improvement.

I have run into this myself, pretty much exact situation, raided a base, the players seemed potentially new but still wanted to get into their chests to see what they have and confirm if they were new or not. Had no other option other than explosives which ended up doing more damage than I had intended, killed the sleepers and destroyed most work benches, I put up a sign telling them to ask me when they came back online and I would give their stuff back along with the benches that broke. Stored everything in a separate chest in my base but they never came back for it.

Every now and then itl still happen that I blow into a base and upon getting in realize the player is new or only started recently, I end up feeling bad but I have reasoned that once I’m in, I can’t fix the big hole I have now left and unless they come online shortly afterwards, some other hungry raider will pass by and will likely just continue what I started with much less conscience about it. At the end of the day it is a game and while we try to be nice to each other PVP is largely focused around blowing each others hours of work apart lol.

So I now have a ask forgiveness policy, If someone comes to me after the fact and is new or just starting then I will make amends by giving them back what I can and helping them re-establish, It often includes a few building tips to prevent someone like me just blowing in again. I’m by no means a veteran or overly experienced at the game so when I manage to raid someone, usually the players I raided are not that experienced at building yet.

In your case you shouldnt be hard on yourself about it. Chances are they would have been raided by someone and if it’s just not something they were prepared to deal with then the outcome would be the same really. If anything you provided a learning experience and maybe after that they decided to play PvE and maybe they are now loving the game because of it lol who knows.

When it comes to PvP the expectation should always be that you could lose everything and be mentally prepared for that, Be ready to start again if you need to and enjoy that aspect of the game, otherwise PvP isn’t a good fit. There are too many players in PvP that arent actually looking for PvP, don’t blame yourself when encountering these players don’t blame yourself for them getting upset, unless you are being antagonistic or toxic.

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