Sandstone walls

Please try to think of a way to prevent the sandstone (or whatever tier) walls players are building all over the maps and blocking stuff thats just so annoying , and cheap griefing.

(Toxic) Players making whole pve © servers their own little playground.
Connect walls all over the map and try to beat decay by login in daily.

There are more examples but the message is fix this as it gamebreaking and slowly all good stuff is ruined.

Pritty please?

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Maybe they will respond with Soon!!! Seems to be the Funcom motto just reply soon they will eat it up.

Honestly, first thing I said about this game when I played it, was that the lowest tier (easiest to build) should not be Sandstone. It should have been like wooden palisade/hut-like type or something of the sorts.

Sandstone just looks kinda ugly if not built right, and looks a bit too strong for a beginner anyway.

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