Sandstone needs a faster decay rate

We all love noobs. We were all noobs at one point. Everyone’s godda have a strong foundation when they start out and Sandstone is one of it.

Problem is, this strong foundation is abused on so many levels, especially in PvE.

These are what I call decay umbilicals, or decay conduits. People connect all their bases with these, to share decay refresh globally.

Purges don’t do much. It’s inherently immune to decay due to it’s very nature of conducting a refresh through it. It lags the server, deprives people of building space and scars the lands with an unseenly sight.

People who build in sandstone on PvE don’t actually have a palpable incentive to upgrade to a higher quality of materials, even though Tier 2 is perfectly accessible to Tier 1 people.

Noobs usually get to Iron tier in 2 days of gameplay. More than enough for a reduced decay on sandstone.


Strong? it has 10k hp…

Not if you build the following as a wall:

Outside Wall | Foundation | Inside Wall

Then it’s close to 30K.

besides, it’s so cheap to replace, it doesn’t even matter if it’s destroyed. Especially if your storage and furniture is of a centralized configuration, as opposed to on the side.

so what? t2 is 50k and that takes seconds to minutes to destroy

Decay doesn’t care about HP, does it? In PvE, the grand majority of decay umbilicals isn’t even touched by purges, let alone anything.

Dont ask for nerfs for everyone just because you are on a cancer pvp server if you dont like it blow it up or burn it down.
The decay system is already [messed up] as is.

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You do realize that he’s talking about PvE right? Where we can’t touch other peoples structures…

Though if we’re going for nerfs, rather than mess with the decay timers further(People play PvE specifically to avoid their structures evaporating into the either, and this is apparently what motivates them to do the whole umbilical cord BS…)

I say make the decay timers longer, but with a twist: Put a maximum base size as determined by the server host… Anything exceeding that base size can be destroyed… (Base size in this case basically means total area of territory claimed by a single base, as opposed to how big it actually is… So you can build tall, but are lmimited in how far you can build out if you don’t want to deal with defending from other players… Perhaps with a tweak for guild bases who’s max size is multipied by the number of claimed beds lay within… So if you have a clan of ten people all with their beds in the same base said base’s max size would be ten times that of a solo player as it is the creation of the combined effort of ten players as opposed to one…)

What do you think? Letting us destroy bases that take up too much land for the number of people actually living in it sound fair?

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