Sandstone Noob bases on PvE servers…

Anyone have any thoughts on those awful Noob bases that people build on PvE? I play on official and I see them pretty regularly. Now, I’m not talking about Noob river. I’m talking about level 60 players building in high level areas out of sandstone and making it their main base. Then, for an upgrade, we get the T3 Noob base with a bunch of awful thralls out front. It might be just me, but I don’t see the purpose of not trying to be at least SOMEWHAT creative on a PvE. Feels like such a waste of space and really ruins the immersion. There’s no need for a giant box on a PvE server. No one is gonna steal from you. :expressionless:

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Better then some Camelot hotel and casino with a petting zoo.

My bases are pretty spartan, I feel no need to show off or build any more then I need. But this isn’t an HOA, there are no style or beautification rules. And if you are worried about immersion, maybe the public servers aren’t you best venue.


I’ve been playing it since near release, so I’m ok with official. I actually prefer it. My point is just that some people don’t quite understand why PvE exists in a game like this. It’s a game with amazing building features, yet they do nothing with it. It would be nice to see some sorta creativity. Anyway, I don’t let it get it to me. If anything, I often see it as a sign of someone who won’t stay long once they’ve gotten bored of whatever they’re ACTUALLY playing the game for and I can loot their base when it decays. I was really just seeking out others’ thoughts on it. You’ve stated yours, so that’s fine.

The fancier builds require extra effort, creative thinking, and usually more planning, which is an issue for those with limited playtime. There are exceptions like people with full-time jobs and kids, that build storybook castles, so it all depends on how time gets prioritized and what matters to the individual.

Yeah, and this is what I don’t understand. If you have no desire to invest time into the game, what are you playing it for? Story? There’s no story that’s even remotely cohesive in this game without really fleshing it out with time and exploration. Thrall farming is fun, but that can get boring. Material farming is boring if you’re not investing it into anything of substance. So what is their draw to the PvE side? The combat isn’t that amazing. The only real thing that keeps me playing is the building and decorating. Otherwise, I only see people that enjoy the game for pvp if they don’t like to build.

Some people just want a sandbox to play in without the threat of other players attacking them. That seems good enough for their standards.

Wait till they get a purge


Have you considered offering others on your server links to build videos on Youtube to channels like Eradicati0n, Barden Builds, Lyumi Light, Creative Builder etc?

Have you offered your server building tips/tricks like corner pillar snapping, making better windows using the Stable single gate frame and a fence piece?

Have you held a community building workshop where you build little examples of cool looking things to teach people how to better use the building system?

Or have you considered that maybe some people do not care how their base looks during their limited game time?

Because just one of those listed above would have been more beneficial instead of making a snarky post degrading how people play this game they paid for in their own time.


Most of these folks have their settings blocking any sort of contact… on PlayStation anyway. I tried to warn someone about blocking the ghost spawn at River’s End just today … no luck.

Anyway, yeah, I’d love to give some pointers to some of them actually. I know you were being snarky right back, but it’s true. I genuinely love building and helping people create pretty stuff.

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In your opinion.

I think you are being judgemental, which does not set well with me.

Ya, we get you don’t get it, but just who are you to be judging me, my interests, my play style, my time, or my creativity?

You need to step back and quit being judgmental.

Ouch… didn’t know I was offending people that build box bases. Just look at Reddit and you’ll see people get really critical of people that show off box bases. My apologies, man…

I’ve played the game since it dropped, have all the DLCs, all the chapter pass goodies. Still build my nice little hat boxes. I can build fancy but have other things to do with my time. Hell my main base on a private server is still a floatsom hat box with a Set alter plumb. About as fancy as I get. Would rather be exploring then baking brick. Rather be finding obscure story stones then going through the process of turning iron ore in to steal bracing.

I don’t like being put down because I don’t play like you.

I never put you down, but if you took it that way, my apologies. I was merely trying to understand what the draw to these kinda bases even is. If you spend all your time just looking for lore stones, what do you do when you’ve exhausted that? I genuinely want to know what makes the game so interesting to spend your time avoiding the use of a core mechanic to its fullest, especially in an environment that lets you do just that.

It’s possible they also do not speak your language. I’ve dealt with this myself, sometimes you want to engage with others but for some reason, they do not want to even though they are playing on a public server. The option of communication is there, but it’s not required. I know that can seen odd to some of us who think “why play on a public server and not engage in the social aspect? That’s what single player is for after all”. Well, it’s not up to us at the end of the day to determine how others play their game. Some play on public server to only play with their friends in their clans and no one else. Some just want to not feel like the world is entirely empty and they enjoy seeing other buildings while they play.

Which brings me back the main point of your post; others not building architecturally pleasing enough buildings to your taste.

I would’nt give up on this, keep trying to engage with some players (not to the point of harassing those who do not want to talk, obviously). Try both text options and if it works on your platform, the voice chat. If someone is interested in advice or tips, then you found your guy. If not, then you’ll have to accept that people might not want to change their build styles.

Of course, I was, at the end, not going to deny that. Even the spice flows from me from time to time, doesn’t make it right. However, it’s also not very community-strengthening for people to look at a post like this and immediately think their buildings are being judged for simply being…too simple. The devs recently put out a whole new set of Sandstone building pieces in the Bazaar, to give people more options to build with and the thought of making an entire post - parden my Stygian- crapping all over people who might want to use them is low.

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Sadly, the only way around this is sending friend requests, as PS voice chat hasn’t worked for at least a year or two.

You’re right. I might have been harsh, but I do see some merit in questioning the idea of claiming tons of land with sandstone boxes and scattered shrines and thralls. For example, the Mounds is EXTREMELY busy in my server with outposts and main bases. Why build another one, let alone one that’s gonna just get purged to rubble? Regardless, you’re implying the actual effort of making something that looks somewhat fancier using the building pieces made available. Box builds use nothing but like 3 pieces (and some variances): foundation, walls, and ceiling tiles. Even an angled sandstone slope or thatch roofing would look sorta nicer. Also, that purge can easily spawn on top of said box. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Ahh, I was not aware of that, sorry.

The Mounds was very overbuilt on my EL server as well. A public maproom could be available to all and yet 2 clans will still build their own bot a few meters away from the public one…took me a while to let that stop bugging me. And if people get purged and their sandstone bases collapses, doesn’t that solve your eyesore problem?

This sentence im struggling with, perhaps you could rephrase?

Right, but again…why is that such a big deal to you? You build your way the way you want.

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Not when they upgrade to T3 and surround it by a bunch of berserkers as time goes on… :expressionless:

You mentioned they have other assets to use and experiment with. The box bases don’t use any of these, not even the ones that come with the game.

Probably just that it’s an ocd and I hate looking at my neighbors. In the old days I could build a small bit of braziers or gates around to keep people from encroaching. Those times are past as rules have become more strict, and now I got box bases on my front porch. Last week I even got hit with a purge while offline due to someone building RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I come back to a bunch of my thralls gone and part of my base wrecked due to a Rockslide attack. So yeah… probably ocd… and annoyance. I’ll continue to play official though. I enjoy the feeling of when someone sees my bases and messages how cool they look. I also like seeing others’ bases.

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Okay, thank you for the clarification. I think whichever builidng pieces a person uses the box shape still accomplishes the goal of a building: creating a personal holding for the crafting, storage and other features needed for playing this game.

There we go! I’m removing all snark here when i say this, I’m just being straightforward with you: it sounds like a you problem.

I’m a bit ocd as well, i dislike seeing sprawling bases with no main entryway, defined crafting areas and taking up far more space than required. Seeing a box build where everything is contained in a manner respectful to the sandbox they share with me is a blessing in comparison.

While thankfully building box bases are not a tos violation, I also do not think building too close to someone else is a violation either unless they are doing so in a manner that walls you on for the purpose of griefing. Now, the purge thing is an annoyance and i feel you on that. If someone builds right next door to me, my 1st go to action would be to bake a welcome pie (starting kit) and go over and introduce myself. Then kindly explain that their purge could hit my building causing me damage and ask if I can help them move a bit further away. Sometimes it’s draining, but it comes with playing with others.

In your case with the rockslide attack, with this new building system we can pick up and move bases without losing mats. Perhaps if you cannot work out a solution with your neighbors, a change in scenery is needed in your end.

I was actually fortunate enough when I addressed this with one of the clan members, they were honest about it. Tbh, I’m actually surprised they even were able to be contacted, given how hard it is to contact anyone on PlayStation. I think they’ve made the setup of a profile so overly protected that most people involuntarily set it to only contact with friends. Anyway, he stated that they already moved away. So this was a nice gesture and not always so fortunate. That being said, it’s kind of annoying to have been there first, only to give up and relocate, then find out a month later that clan quit playing. Usually I just wait it out the best I can, purge damage or otherwise. I actually had someone a year or so ago literally build right next to me at both my main base and my mounds outpost. The outpost got purged and I lost some thralls and took some damage. While it may not be against TOS, it should be courtesy to not build so close to others, whether that be for lag or purge, or just messing up a pretty view.

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You’ll have to inform me on this, since i don’t play on console: is there text global chat on ps? I mean, is there a little box in the lower left hand side of the screen where you can type mssages? Is that what you’re using to contact people or are you trying to dm people through their Playstation accounts?

Thank goodness.

Common sense should tell people that is a rude move, however common sense is not common. Also, new players are often not aware that their purges can wander towards neighbors if they are too close let alone how the purge mechanic works.