Sandstorms are getting to be a tad excessive

I have noticed an uptick in the frequency of sandstorms since the PS4 patch a week or so ago.

In order to be accurate, I logged the storms and their times. At no time was I wearing protection, and I was in the desert for each storm noted.

Saturday, Feb 22. All times Eastern Standard, USA
Log in - 7:04 am
Storm - 7:10 am - Full graphics, no damage taken.
Storm - 7:58 am - Sunny, no indication except the bloody screen and loss of health
Storm - 8:45 am - Full graphics with damage
Storm - 9:50 am - Full no damage
Storm - 10:21 am - Sunny with damage
Storm - 12:15 pm - Full with damage
Logout - 12:30 pm

Sunday, Feb 23
Log in - 7:00 am
Storm - 7:05 am - Full with damage
Storm - 8:02 am - Full with damage
Logout - 9:15 am

That’s as far as I got with a full log. I did notice yesterday afternoon about one storm per hour, and this morning between 6:30 am and 7:15 am (4) storms about 15 mins apart. The first one started about 4 minutes after I logged in, and it was a full graphic, no damage storm.The others were all Full graphics with damage.

On an unrelated note, I had to log out yesterday afternoon and this morning for a separate issue, and a storm generated almost immediately after I logged back in.

This is all on an official PvE server (3890)

Hahahah we are situated right on the edge of the storm near the North and we were thinking the same thing. There would be 2-3 sandstorms sometimes in a day cycle and then a huge one at night

Hi @speedice, thank you for sharing this data with us, we’ll be sure to forward it to the team.

Specifically regarding the following:

Were these sandstorms invisible/missing their VFX?

You are correct. The only indication of a storm is the bloody streaks on the screen, and the SANDSTORM note on the left.

I was playing with a friend and she had full sandstorm effects on her screen, while I had sunny skies on mine. We were standing next to each other.

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