Sandstorm looks like absolute trash now

Been a while since I went near the desert. Wtf has happened to the sandstorm graphics?? A couple of years ago it looked really really good. Now it’s blindingly bright and looks bloody horrid. Why do this?? It’s such a backward step.

It’s a bug. That’s not the actual sandstorm you’re experiencing. The normal sandstorm does still happen and looks the same as always.

I can’t comment on the progress of it being fixed though. The PS4 is way behind in patches/updates. I believe last one was August.

Perhaps someone on the windows side of Conan can comment if it’s fixed there.

Some time in the next I’m guessing 3-6 months the PS4 will be patched with the last year’s worth of windows patches to be back to parity with windows version

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Oh and and I’m on ps5 now and both the broken and normal sandstorm happen there.

The normal one looks even better on ps5 (assuming the same as PS4 pro which I don’t have). There is some debris in the sandstorm blowing around that I don’t recall from the normal PS4 version

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Sandstorms are not fixed on the pc version. I hope sometime soon though. I hear it has something to do with the option for catchup time, but I’m not sure.

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Can’t wait to see Conan on ps5. Couple of months for me still though.

Whats weird, it only happens online it seems. I play mostly SP, never noticed “fake” one till i rented server month ago.

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