Savage Fronteir DLC not working after 2.1

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PVE
Region: US West?

Hey all,

New here, made this account to post this specific issue I’m having.

I am trying to repair armor but it says I don’t have the experience to repair. Built the highest level armorer’s bench, no dice. Can’t even build the construction or weapon stuff. What do I need to do?


If your armor is exceptional or flawless, the only way to repair it from now on would be with repair kits before it breaks as the exceptional and flawless grade recipes have been removed from the game with Update 2.1 not only for Savage Frontier DLC but for any armor. You can craft a new armor with the highest tier thrall you have if you wish to be able to repair it with materials directly.


Thank Narelle. So does that mean I can’t craft anything from the expansion any more, as I’m just trying to craft the base expansion gear? Because that’s what is happening. Do I need a T4 thrall to craft any of the armor/construction/weapons from the savage land (or other) expansion?

Edit for clarification:
When trying to craft base level pictish gear or armor, it is now “red” under the feats tab, like I’ve never purchased it.

How does that work where it is a paid may I remind paid dlc which people brought for what it had in it and now part of that is missing seems misleading to sell something then remove things from that purchase.

@heaventhere They didn’t remove anything. You can still craft the armor, you can get even better stats now. Before you got +9 stats with flawless, now you get +10 when you re-craft your armor with a T4 armorer. They didn’t sell you any items, they sold you the ability to craft them.

@ceefo1 I will double check on my client to be sure but are you sure you have the required feats to unlock the armor. You need to learn the base armor feats to unlock the DLC ones. And no, you don’t need any armorer.

P.S. The basic armors are only available in the basic + improved bench.

EDIT: All Pictish Stuff is available for me:

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I’ll check and see once the admin updates the server. Conan had a mini update that threw off the couple mods we have. Last night, however, those icons were red under feats and I couldn’t build any of the gear in my inventory. I even went so far as to craft a Garrison armorers bench and nothin. :frowning:

This will be a problem though because Garrison bench doesn’t craft any normal armor (just epic), you need T1 starting or T2 improved bench for non-epic armor. When you can log in the game, check if you have learnt the “Armorer” feat (the main one). It is what unlocks the DLC. Also check if your DLC has a green arrow, if it does, this means that your game doesn’t recognize it for some reason.

I am pretty sure I have, as I could craft everything prior to the update. I am currently equipped with all savage land gear that is about to break and I can’t repair it! I had an improved bench initially and it didn’t show up which is why I upgraded.

Post some screenshots if the issue hasn’t been resolved.

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