Savage Frontier Pet Skins

So, I got the Savage Frontier Pack DLC, and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to use the new pet skins. I have pets pre DLC, and some I tamed after (crocodiles) and they all look the same. How do you use the skins?

It’s not exactly explained but this is essentially it:

You need the pet to be in your inventory not placed, then select the skin from your inventory and “craft” it.

Are they in hand crafted and I’m just daft and didn’t see them? Or an option in “more” or something? (sorry, the game is updating right now so I can’t just go check for myself)

It’s only craftable in your inventory.

You need to have your pet in your inventory + the other item, then you craft it into the skinned version.

Okay so the skin is an actual item. I guess I wasn’t understanding where those even come from. All I’ve seen are the building pieces and the armor.

No, the skin is not craftable.

You craft a Totemic Fodder (Link:, then you can turn your regular pet into the DLC skin pet from your inventory.

Hope that clears it out for you.

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OH! Okay, sorry that took so long for me to understand haha, I didn’t know that existed. Thank you so much!

Don’t worry :slight_smile:

I know about it because I watched others on youtube.

Doe sit work on greater Versions too ?

I don’t think all pets have a skin. There are some skins for the greater versions.

You can check in your inventory to see which have a skin or not.

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