Savannah Base Cave Issue - New Rock?

Hi folks. I’ve had a base behind the waterfalls at the northern border of the savannah - the dividing wall to the north, with various caves under, and the one that goes through?

Well, in doing my usual runs between bases to ensure no decay, I found that the update has buried the following in new walls of solid stone that were definitely not there prior:

One large bed
Two improved fridges
One large fire pit
Three presses
Various decorative bits and the foundations
Several chests, one of which kept extra top tier gear and resources, weapons healing and all, for quick use & drop off

I was able to pull one chest out of the wall, and one of the fridges (I had 3 there in total), but I can’t even see some of the bits.

So um … wtf guys? Why screw around with landscape that we’ve been working with and building on for a year and a half?

Is this a bug? A glitch? A whups?

Or have I once again sustained losses through no fault of my own which I shall once again have to ‘suck up and deal with because updates’?

I’m used to a bit of trouble with each one, having to be patient while it gets worked out, but come on. This sort of thing goes a bit past the usual hiccups.

‘Entombed in newly-formed mountain’ is a new one on me.

Sad face on inevitable hammer-nerf. :cry:

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