New cliff walls inside cave at boundary spillway

Game mode: Online Official Multiplayer #1099
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

New walls have appeared inside the cave at the bottom of the waterfall in boundary spillway.
I happen to have a base there, the new walls have buried lots of benches, storage and thralls that I can no longer access. These walls are not rendered in the same way as the other original walls.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Attempt to access the area with my thralls and benches
  2. Unable to as the North West corner and South side of the cave has shrunk
  3. This is the eastern cave with 2 entrances, near the loot box for the white tiger

I have run into the exact same issue. Looks like the walls are glitches because they seem to have stretched textures from the ground rather than rock walls like the rest of the caves.


Yep exactly the same for me.

Same here. Had a chest full of legendary weapons stashed back there. So not super helpful

Walked past the spillway earlier and I thought something looked out of place. At least the entrance to the highlands is clear.

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Hey @Dirtry_Beggar

Could you share a screenshot and coordinates (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L) so we can get a better look at it?
There was a number of undermesh locations patched in the last update, but by the looks of your description this might be something else.

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Same here I literally just started to move all my stuff there the day before the patch. That was going to be my new base I lost two large chests full of materials my newly made improved armor bench with all my metals and a artisans bench. My friend and I are basically starting from scratch. I really hope this gets fixed

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Yes unfortunately this is intended. I lost a lot of items;


I sincerely hope it is not intended, especially without a warning! I notice a new update today so once that has installed I will go check and provide coords for Ignasis.

Hi Ignasis, Thanks for the reply.
Apparently I cannot upload images as I am a ‘new user’ to the forums.
The co-ordinates are 21672.404297 42183.082031 -7817.500977 though.
If these walls are intended for whatever reason, how do I get my things back?
This base has stood on this server for a very long time now and it is kind of game breaking for me if I can’t get it all back.

here’s an image of whats happening with coordinates in the screen shot.


Hey there,

It looks like indeed it’s one of the undermeshing spots fixed in the latest update.

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I had to google what undermeshing was, I certainly have never done it and there was no sneakyness involved in getting to the spots that have my gear in!
I remember we had an announcement a while back giving us a warning about overlapping building pieces and some kind of time period to do something about it or check for them. There was no warning about this that I or any of the people I play with saw? That base has been in the same spot for 12 months with 1800 hrs playing time.

I can live with the change of size/space but can an admin recover my thralls and gear?

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No they won’t return anything, unfortunately.

The problem isn’t that we were using any exploits to go undermesh.
But that it was a location where this was possible.
In PvP this is an issue, so I get why they did it.

There should definitely be some kind of warning before making these types of changes.


well this friggin sucks. Is that really the best way to handle this problem, simply start slapping crap on top of the spot?


Apparently so.
There’s no way to stop these exploiters to be honest.
They probably figured out a new way in already.

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You’re such a great sport. :smiley: The point is, and blatantly reinforced by your feedback, that people are losing their things due to the worldwide spackling. That means the bad guys who purposefully exploited the area are losing their ill-gotten/stored gains.

I know I for one requested spline repairs, which fill the voids rather indiscriminately. I can’t say that’s what’s happened but it seems to be good for all of us? The intent appears to be closing holes, while still maintaining margin in spongey areas like rock faces. Then, when gods are again active, any undermesh will be so shallow that they can be shmashed.


Thank you for your kind words.
As someone who has witnessed first hand destruction, and been fortunate enough to aid people in some of the poorest places in the world. I have seen children orphaned because of natural disaster, and war. Starving to death with no means to survive.

I find it appalling to see how some people act here. Conan is amazing, but there is so much more to life. People should take their anger, and channel it towards making a positive change.

If the game has an issue, so what. We should all be eternally grateful for everything we have. Especially those whose main issue in life, is that their Relic Hunter now has 0HP.


Yes, this does suck, Funcom screwed this up. Am sure there are others who lost more, but I lost the main storage and bench area I had, in base that had stood for 12 months, with at least 9 named bench thralls. These things were not in an under mesh location. To do this with no warning is just stupid.
I wish I could get a refund on the game and all the DLCs I have bought. I wont be playing it again.

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Well they screwed the game up for me. Not even offering to get the stuff out from behind the new ‘wall’ that is also drawn badly. It is just a big ‘middle finger’ from Funcom and it is not only punishing exploiters

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