Save floor space for smaller buildings with wall-mounted storage!

So I was having a look around this crafting cabin I recently built and you know what I realized would save SO much floor space for crafting objects/benches? Wall cabinets or cupboards. Like the current Cupboard but wall-mounted like the shelf.

Look at how much I could do with those empty walls! Sure I could hang decorations, but why do that when I could have several cabinets organized with seeds, herbs, and misc produce for my kitchen. I’d love to have wall-mounted storage units. :slight_smile:


As if there wasn’t enough IKEA in the real world… shudder

No, actually, it’s a very good idea. Storage space is already quite limited, the floor of my crafting building is a maze of Large Chests just full of items. I’ve started just throwing away cooked fish, which seems quite a waste in a “survival” environment.

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