Scenarios : saboteur gets stuck

During the Saboteur event, the Instable Survivalist often gets stuck in certain places and then just despawns after a while.
For example in the Hotel scenario at this location :

or in the Mansion at this location :

Also, not-saboteur related, in duo waves, the Infected mobs often spawn with the hitpoints of a single wave mob.

Forget one.

This is not true for the second wave. Occasionally, three possessions can happen between the death of the first boss and the end of the second wave, for a total of five possessions. From my observation, this happens regardless of whether the third (in total) possession occurs during the interlude or after the actual start of wave two.

Fortunately, this fifth possession usually occurs with less than 10s on the wave timer, so it’s rather safe to ignore it and just kill the second boss.

The stuck saboteur will despawn when the next one is supposed to show up so you aren’t getting less of them. It’s just visual, really since they get stuck after dropping the bomb.